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‘Anti-Bloomberg Bill’ in Mississippi Bars Local Restrictions on Food and Drink –

‘Anti-Bloomberg Bill’ in Mississippi Bars Local Restrictions on Food and Drink –

“This is about personal responsibility,” a Mississippi state Senators lectures from the death-to-the-nanny-state side of the aisle in defense of a recently passed law removing the ability of Mississippi towns to mandate calorie counts on menus or address other public health issues. “When I go out to eat with my three daughters they get waters. I don’t need the government to tell me to do that,” he self-righteously proclaims. But anti-Nanny-state Colonel Reb (the majority of the Mississippi legislature), acting on behalf of business interests like Stonewall’s Barbecue owned by Mississippi state Senator Tony Smith who introduced the bill after being approached by the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association and big entities (i.e. sellers of soft drinks), is patriarchally perfectly content in telling cities they can’t enact laws to benefit public health. Colonel Reb says you don’t need to know how many calories are in the food on the menu. We’re fat in Mississippi and we don’t want any government forcing us to look at calorie counts or allowing local representatives to enact laws that force obese people to make any extra efforts to get our half gallon of coke in one serving. This is Mississippi, by God, and we don’t need no Medicaid expansion either, we don’t want to hear about no economic multipliers to be derived for increased federal dollars. The only multiplying we’re interested in is the number of people showing up in emergency rooms because they couldn’t afford any preventative or diagnostic medicine. Like slavery, this is about a way of life so keep all those northern ideas to yourself, because down here old times are not forgotten.

Dr. Ben Carson: Healthcare Is ‘Upside Down’ : NPR (and another thing)

They make money by denying people care. That’s an inherent conflict of interest. That situation needs to be addressed. Some people would say that’s not a conservative way of thinking. But I don’t think really conservative or liberal; I think what makes sense? What’s going to help the American people? What’s going to give them what they need? Not only in health care but in terms of jobs, in terms of education, in terms of a whole host of issues that, you know, I addressed in the most recent book, “America the Beautiful.”

via Dr. Ben Carson: Healthcare Is 'Upside Down' : NPR.

Funny how Dr. Carson made no mention of insurance companies “denying people care” in their drive to make profits at the “2013 National Prayer Breakfast.” The surprising thing will be if he uses this “denying people care” observation in describing the insurance industry at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) or if he’ll make any criticism of any corporate entity or group.

Wonder if he’ll start his speech with

It’s very difficult to speak to a large group of people these days and not offend someone. I know people walk around with their feelings on their shoulders waiting for you to say something – ahh – did you hear that? And they can’t hear anything else you say. The PC police are out in force at all times.

My guess is that if he does that his American Conservative Union comrades will not characterize his comments as “not a criticism of anything but just some stuff that makes sense, logical things that make sense.” It’s unlikely that Ayn Rand disciples masquerading as “for-God-so-love-the-world” Christians will tolerate any criticism of “job creators.”

Dr. Ben Carson: Healthcare Is ‘Upside Down’ : NPR

Dr. Ben Carson: Healthcare Is 'Upside Down' : NPR.

When Dr. Ben Carson talks Healthcare he leaves his brain at home. His proposals are stupid on steroids.

Dr. Carson wants you to shop around for health bargains.

I proposed health savings accounts for everybody starting at birth, is because you very quickly accumulate an amount of money that you can use for your interactions with those health care providers. Also, you develop a very good doctor-patient relationship and also because you now have some responsibility for that account, you’re going to be looking for good bargains

You know like finding who has a bargain on x-rays. Maybe someone puts tonsillectomies on special in December and you can give someone a gift card for one or maybe by-pass surgery. That health savings account that Dr. Carson is proposing is supposed to make you a conscientious consumer of health care and you won’t spend so much on health care because you only have so much to spend. You’re spending too much. That’s the problem with healthcare in this country, people without savings accounts are costing too much money, right? If we could just put purchasing power in the hands of some of the most marketing-vulnerable in this country, we could solve our healthcare cost problem. All this in an age when “more sophisticated scientific understanding and inexpensive new technologies have raised the odds on marketers’ being successful.” You have companies, indeed an industry, which specializes in “applying psychology and new brain science” to marketing and now you have a noted, respected neurosurgeon advocating a scenario in which more people can be victimized under the guise of saving money and developing “good doctor-patient” relationships. Dr. Carson would have made a good addition to the RepubliCon clown car that was the Republican Party primary. Wait! Wait! I get it. Dr. Carson isn’t stupid on steroids. He is actually trying out his post-retirement plan as a stand-up comic.

Nothing eery about voter ID | The Clarion-Ledger |

Nothing eery about voter ID | The Clarion-Ledger |

All of a sudden I saw it. It had reappeared on the internet, a defense of Mississippi’s photo ID law from a reader in Alabama. It was time to take another one down and perform an autopsy.

Inside the guts of “Nothing eery about voter ID”

Nothing eery about voter ID

Autopsy of a Stimulus Slander (“Rest of Story?”, Really?”)

Marco Rubio in the Republican Response to President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address resurrected the Solyndra attack from last year’s Presidential election. Anticipating the resurrection of an attempt to attack the stimulus aka the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), I examine the guts of a letter-to-the-editor from December 2011, which are sure to be part of a RepubliZombie smorgasbord to come.

“Rest of Story” letter from 2011 (Critiqued)


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‘Rest of story’ on stimulus jobs | The Clarion-Ledger |

Solyndra, a diversion by any other name would not be as sweet.

There it was again. A Republican, this time Marco Rubio in the Republican response to the President’s 2013 State of the Union Address, was using Solyndra as a reason to pull back from clean energy investment, sweet music to the Heritage-government-is-the-problem crowd.

“Instead of wasting more taxpayer money on so-called “clean energy” companies like Solyndra, let’s open up more federal lands for safe and responsible exploration,” comes the Rubio sugary-soaked gruel.
What makes this appeal so dangerous is that it echoes the ignorance of a base which believes, after years of saccharine-sounding sedation, that free markets actually exist, a base which thinks that the reason that Solyndra failed was that it was a terrible company and that governments shouldn’t and don’t favor and aid industries in their bid to be successful. What Rubio won’t say to his base because his well-heeled donors won’t allow it is ““the Chinese government poured $33 billion into its solar industry in 2010, allowing Chinese companies to produce solar panels at a fraction of the cost that American companies like Solyndra were paying.” That’s what the oil and gas industry doesn’t want the Fox viewers to know.

“As part of the conspiracy to monopolize the solar market and as part of the Export Plan, the China Development Bank, the Bank of China, and the Export-Import Bank of China loaned defendants over $17 billion at below-market rates,” according to the suit. “Through a scheme known as “extend and pretend” the co-conspirator banks roll over loans from year to year, rather than requiring payment when the loans are due. Suntech, which has nearly $1.6 billion in loans due this year, has banked on the ‘extend and pretend’ scheme, intending to roll over most of its loans until (at least) 2013.”

But the Republican base cheers every mention of Solyndra seeing it as an attack on the Obama Administration, never realizing that China is engaged in a real honest-to-goodness trade war with their country (America) and this honey-coated dung pile leaves the American taxpayer less able to afford the medical and educational infrastructure it needs to thrive and aides and abets the demise of the American middle class which allows comfortable-cat-bird-seat conservatives to cast many more American’s, who don’t have the ability to stash cash and profits offshore, as 47% er’s while concentrating wealth in the hands of those most connected with fossil fuels by diminishing alternative energy’s appeal and viability. The Chinese sympathizers (those who selectively see and complain about and attack the American government’s involvement in markets conveniently ignoring the same by the Chinese) those sympathizers who benefit most as they amass wealth, some while capping wells for which they held leases that didn’t bring sufficient “profit,” must think everytime the product of Heritage-Cato-Koch-brothers propaganda, some misguided, middle-class conservative or poor conservative even in places like Mississippi, utters the name Solyndra, they must think “how sweet it is” to have so many “conservatives” naively preserving our putrid, perfumed poop pyramid, smothered in un-needed subsidies stacked on booby-traps of Deep-Water-Horizon-Exxon-Valdez-Colonial-Pipeline(Greensboro North Carolina)-sized externalities. And they’ve convinced the public that green energy technology is too expensive all the while gushing concern about debt left to our children. Yeah, that’s the ticket!!!