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Bryant blasts nuclear waste disposal critics | The Clarion-Ledger |

“It’s amazing to me that any discussion about nuclear power causes such a reaction. … What other topics are we not allowed to discuss? Alternative energy? Wind power or solar?” comes the consternation from officials in Mississippi in response to objections to the possibility of storage of nuclear material in Mississippi.

Wonder why anyone in Mississippi, such a dirt poor state, would think of nuclear waste as any more dangerous than wind or solar power? After all a wind turbine was damaged by a tornado last year and now someone has admitted that radioactive leaks from it “are far worse than previously acknowledged.” No, I am sorry that is the assessment from Japan about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe. Did I mention that solar panels melted in Pennsylvania and everyone in a twenty mile radius was asked to evacuate and that when the solar panels melted radioactive gases and radioactive iodine were released into the environment? No, I apologize. Those events were related to “nuclear reactors in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, United States, on March 28, 1979 (Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania.)

Only in Mississippi could alluding to solar and wind power as meriting no more concern than nuclear waste storage be forwarded as a rational comparison. If you throw around revenue figures to desperate people, just look at Mississippi’s per capita income, and education level it you might get a picture of why such an argument would be placed in the arena. This is Mississippi and once in office, you are royalty.

Mississippi is pretty much the exemplar of the neo-feudal terrain in America. If you can convince the people that you are one of the good-ole boys, in Mississippi that would be favoring the confederate flag, viewing MLK day as really Confederate Memorial Day and of course being Republican, you can be elected royalty. After defeat of a personhood amendment, the rulers in this neo-feudal state enacted legislation designed to achieve the very thing the voters rejected, making abortion unavailable to poor women.

And if you want to put nuclear storage on the agenda in Mississippi, be a Republican. The energy industry group pushing for nuclear waste storage and reprocessing in Mississippi is the Mississippi Energy Institute, and one of its board members is the governor’s top economic development officer. You see, in right-to-work-for-less-anti-union Mississippi, labor compensation is so suppressed that corporate interest can float virtually anything because a man dying of thirst will drink dirty, contaminated water. Having kept labor week, people of substance, the lords of the feudal state, flashing religious and confederate symbols, contribute to candidates who champion anti-labor units and deregulation which enlarge and enhance and stabilize their wealth supremacy. You even see this economic strategy reflected in the newly passed Charter School law in Mississippi.

Bryant blasts nuclear waste disposal critics | The Clarion-Ledger |

GOP constituents demand hard line | The Clarion-Ledger |

The Tea-baggers want to “deny money for implementing Obama’s health care law even if that means not financing core government functions at all after Sept. 30Now, it’s easy to cut power to the ventilator when someone else is on it and not you. These supposed liberty lovers don’t mind destroying a law liberates consumers by compelling insurance companies to refund some of the premiums to customers and the freedom the customers would have in using those refunds. These supposed pro-lifers don’t have a problem with repealing a law that prohibits insurance companies from denying life-saving and life-enhancing coverage to people with pre-existing conditions or channels more Americans into affordable medical check-ups and treatments. No, at the risk of endangering things like military operations and social security they are willing to force their representatives to cast meaningless votes to de-fund a law which sets up healthcare-accessibility-enabling insurance exchanges. What would be interesting is how the Tea-baggers who receive Social Security and Medicare

Americans love good socialism.

and other essential government services, which were created because capitalism has limits in meeting the needs of people even in America, what would be interesting would be to see how these suddenly awakened Tea-baggers, awakened from a slumber which caused them to miss the part of their American government class in which they would have learned that it takes a two-third vote of congress to override a Presidential veto even if Tea-baggers held a majority in the Senate and that funding bills only begin in the House, what would be interesting would be to see how those Tea-baggers would respond if they realized that they had pulled the plug on their own ventilator and their government pensions, like those of maybe retired FBI agents, were a couple of months late. (“And a crowd at Lincolnton City Hall erupted in applause when a retired FBI agent from McHenry’s [Rep. Patrick McHenry, R, N.C.] hometown declared that “money is oxygen in Washington” and told McHenry that Republicans should “use the power of the purse” to extract what they want from the executive branch.” Unlike those districts which voted for Tea Party candidates most of American voted for the head of that “executive branch,” a fact that Tea-baggers seem to want to ignore as they rush to suffocate America.) It would be such a wonderful thing to dispel the Tea-bagger illusion of detachment. That would cause people like Mitt Romney, who are truly detached, with their Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts, to fight their own battles and not have so many working-class people who are really shouldering the government and would be much more likely to be called upon to defend the country from aggressors with their lives, or sent on miss-adventures like Iraq, running interference for them, the one-per-centers. You have to give Romney and his ilk credit for exploiting the self-devaluing mentality of the masses of people in America. For we have internalized a degraded self-value (receiving compensation many times less than the job-creators who are really exporting jobs) while accepting notions about the advantages of “free-trade” which have given us less freedom even as productivity has increased with corporate profits soaring while wages remain low, defined benefit plans disappear, and the destruction of Mexican farmers by massive American corporate farm interest fueling immigration, placing further downward pressure on American wages.

No, dear Tea-bagger, ObamaCare is not your problem. The decline in your living standards has come at the hands of the corporatists which you defend by attacking ObamaCare. ObamaCare goes against the interests of giant insurers. What you should be attacking, Mrs. Tea-bagger is the attempts at evergreening by pharmaceutical companies and the high costs of prescription medications and the anti-trust exemptions of insurance companies.

GOP constituents demand hard line | The Clarion-Ledger |

Mississippi Energy Institute to pitch nuclear waste storage | The Clarion-Ledger |

Funny how people like Mississippi Energy Institute President, Patrick Sullivan, when touting the safety record of nuclear plants never mentions that “

  • The Chernobyl accident in 1986 was the result of a flawed reactor design that was operated with inadequately trained personnel.
  • The resulting steam explosion and fires released at least 5% of the radioactive reactor core into the atmosphere and downwind – some 5200 PBq (I-131 eq).
  • Two Chernobyl plant workers died on the night of the accident, and a further 28 people died within a few weeks as a result of acute radiation poisoning.
  • UNSCEAR says that apart from increased thyroid cancers
  • “there is no evidence of a major public health impact attributable to radiation exposure 20 years after the accident.”

      He’ll tell you that “the industry has the best safety record of any in the U.S.” But he won’t mention that “the period of time waste must be stored can range up to millions of years for spent nuclear fuel.”  So does the 34 years since Three-Mile Island really mean anything?

          When Mr. Sullivan, who probably stands to gain handsomely from any nuclear storage in Mississippi speaks of the jobs to be gained by Mississippi from like “100 jobs” and “highway and transportation upgrades he attempts to downplay Mississippi’s transformation into the country’s eternal carcinogenic cesspool. 

          “ A long-deferred cleanup is now under way at 114 of the nation’s nuclear facilities, which encompass an acreage equivalent to Rhode Island and Delaware combined. Many smaller sites, the easy ones, have been cleansed, but the big challenges remain. What’s to be done with 52,000 tons (47,174 metric tons) of dangerously radioactive spent fuel from commercial and defense nuclear reactors? With 91 million gallons (344.5 million liters) of high-level waste left over from plutonium processing, scores of tons of plutonium, more than half a million tons (453,592 metric tons) of depleted uranium, millions of cubic feet of contaminated tools, metal scraps, clothing, oils, solvents, and other waste? And with some 265 million tons (240 million metric tons) of tailings from milling uranium ore—less than half stabilized—littering landscapes?”

          Of course the thing that really makes the plan to turn Mississippi into a radioactive repository viable, the ability that makes nuclear plants viable economic concerns, is something the average Mississippian can’t do if they own a car, the ability to operate insurance.  If the supposed free-market champions were really against government assistance they would be out front encouraging the Tea-baggers to repeal “The Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act.”  “The Act establishes a no fault insurance-type system in which the first approximately $12.6 billion (as of 2011) is industry-funded as described in the Act. Any claims above the $12.6 billion would be covered by a Congressional mandate to retroactively increase nuclear utility liability or would be covered by the federal government. At the time of the Act’s passing, it was considered necessary as an incentive for the private production of nuclear power — this was because electric utilities viewed the available liability coverage (only $60 million) as inadequate.

          So much for smaller government.  Bet you won’t see Grover Norquist in Mississippi campaigning against the Mississippi Energy Institute nor Heritage or Cato opposing them the way they opposed the Mississippi Insurance Commissioner’s efforts to set up an insurance exchange.  They only want smaller government for the working class, while their sponsors lobby for all types of advantages.   

          Mississippi Energy Institute to pitch nuclear waste storage | The Clarion-Ledger |

          3 members of 1972 Dolphins skip White House event over differences with Obama | Fox News

          Of course, they wouldn’t go to the White House. Why would you enjoy a day with your teammates in celebration of a perfect season, a decidedly non-political event? This would be the perfect opportunity to make your political views the subject and detract attention for the perfect season, an accomplishment of an organization which won 17 games and brought football renown unparalleled to the state of Florida. After all, the nation is much more concerned about your personal political views than they are about the Dolphins’ perfect season. This is one way to make your self stand out when people are trying to focus on a “team’s” accomplishment. Of course no one would want to spend any time with that bunch of winners at the White House. This was the perfect way to show, (and something to ponder whenever you watch your favorite team and you think you’re all in it together), that even if you team has a perfect season, you’re bound to have, within it, a pack of losers.

          But maybe they are right. Maybe black athletes should have always refrained from participating in such events based on the NAFTA’s effect on black employment and how trade policy has contributed in especially horrendous ways to chronically high unemployment in the black community above every other community. But, no. Such actions might break the spell cast by entertainment in this country, a spell which diverts attention, energy, emotion, and deep thought away from the class warfare of the last 30 years, with the virtually flat income for average workers masked by loose credit as corporate profits go through the roof and corporations and the Romney’s of the world legally hide income and profits offshore and defined benefit plans continually disappeared for the working class.

          Well, maybe we should go back to wondering if the Tide will repeat as national champions and leave the real hard thinking to the Koch brothers and the Heritage Foundation which first proposed the individual mandate instead of universal healthcare, healthcare approaching the other major western democracies where people do not go bankrupt because of medical bills

          3 members of 1972 Dolphins skip White House event over differences with Obama | Fox News