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‘Scared as Hell’

The Story is titled “Business Owner ‘Scared as Hell’ of ObamaCare.

The quote goes: “I’m scared as hell.” However the business owner in the Fox Noise story wasn’t speaking about ObamaCare when he said: “I’m really afraid that they’re going to price us out of our ability to absorb the cost.” The “they” isn’t “ObamaCare.” If you read the piece the “they” is a reference to the insurance company which increased the policy costs for the owner of Chameleon Salons in New Haven, Conn by 20% last year, not ObamCare. The business, the real money, for Fox News is in exploiting the ignorance of the American public. Because of this profound ignorance, Fox can continually point to ObamaCare as the problem that is scaring the “Hell” out of America when the culprit is actually the industry that Fox is protecting through misdirection, the health insurance industry and charge good carnival-barking money for ads as a result. The story says that “the salon [Chameleon Salons in New Haven, Conn] spends nearly $60,000 per year on health insurance.” The real story should have been how the German’s have competing, private sickness funds which must pay the medical bills as opposed to our $60,000 bills charged by companies which tell the customer what they (Sarah Palin, can you say, like a death panel) will and will not pay, and Germans have health insurance even when they are unemployed, no COBRA bull sugar-honey-ice-tea for them. The nourished ignorance of the American public actually redounds to the benefit of those who prefer the concentration of capital, when you compare those who benefit from insurance company stock dividends to those who have increasing limited access to health care because of our for-profit health insurance scheme. With constantly rising premiums even before ObamaCare and increasing deductibles and co-pays, even those with insurance didn’t have the health care access that is needed to bend the health care cost curve. And the Republican plan is to repeal the Affordable Care Act and for those Americans who don’t have a congressional health plan, or Tri-Care, or Medicare or the millions of American’s not covered by any plan, the Republican plan is to quote one Representative, don’t get sick.”



The saddest element in this composition, the Scared as Hell story, is the way the business owner, Stan Bialecki, views health insurance as part of a competitive advantage. “I think it’s the right thing for us to do as a company, and it gives us a huge competitive edge over other businesses,” he says. It is this line of thinking that leaves him vulnerable to the hikes by an industry whose profits are based on finding ways not to pay providers or to pay them as little as possible so that other companies, insurance companies, can make more money. News flash Fox Nation! The health insurance industry is not your friend. However a cancellation notion may be, if it forces you to wake from your Fox assisted slumber.

The health care system in American has been a neo-feudal structural support device, tying employees to employers because of the health insurance they supplied. This health insurance system favors big employers over small employers and entrepreneurship. There is no accounting for the amount of innovation foregone due to competition suffocation. There is no accounting for the capital absorption (siphoned off by insurance companies) owing to America’s slavish devotion to this health care system. The concentration of capital supported by a system which incentivizes the feudalistic corporate attachment embodied in employer-provided health care undermines democracy.

When something as basic as health care is connected to employment then voices which could have been heard could be silenced by the threat of jobs being lost, jobs which employees may be keeping principally due to the attachment of health care access.