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Privatizing on the sly or how to shift wealth upward.

Ever wonder how to make wealthy people wealthier while gutting the middle class, you know like fulfilling the true core mission for ALEC?  Let’s repackage that concept.  How would you make government smaller

Smaller government isn’t really the goal.


and create a source of funding for your campaign? Can you say privatization?  That’s right. Those same people who get the “contracts” replacing or killing those “government” jobs can make “contributions” to the campaigns of those who promote the wealth re-distributions.  And in those right-to-work-for-less, anti-union states there is no union to counter-balance that electoral influence.  Why would anyone think that Republican legislatures are behind the transfer of state jobs into private hands and why would that transfer work to the detriment of minorities and even non-heterosexual employees?  Simply put transferring government revenue from the many citizens to the few citizens through government contracts has been their true goal all along and they have the track record to prove it as the Party has become the refuge of people with antiquated views on race and other things (see the polling on interracial marriage).  Republican legislatures can just initiate privatization of departments within state agencies thereby circumventing fairness in hiring and termination. Take, oh say, a maintenance department within say a state’s corrections department in, oh say, Alabama or Mississippi, neo-feudal strongholds, and privatize it.  You see if you privatize the departments you can get around things like personnel boards and minority hiring initiatives and fair employment practices when expending government funds and virtually hand the reigns of government services over to people with your political views, however discriminatory they may be like the old spoils system.

All to capture a unicorn or

How to shrink the voting pool while hiding under a racist voter-integrity cloak


The search for the in-person-fraudulent voter is like the search for the unicorn.  In Mississippi though the local paper calls the white-majority’s voter ID law a “mandate,” as if to suggest a voting “mandate” in Mississippi where 46% of Republicans are against inter-racial marriage is not questionable, the minions of ALEC have yet to display the reason for their intense interest in “voter integrity.” They have yet to publicly display the unicorns, I mean the in-person-fraudulent voters who are running rampant. We won’t get into how many devils were in the details of the Republican-crafted law, the photo-ID law, when compared to the initiative which the paper describes as a “mandate.”  So “the mandate” was for what exactly? Now compare that to the law that was produced? 

But continuing with the farce, here’s another question.  Without evidence of need which you would think would be a foundation for spending in excess of $1.5 million why would

“Legislators set aside money during the 2013 session for the secretary of state’s office to buy cameras to take pictures for the IDs. Hosemann [Mississippi Secretary of State, Delbert] said the cameras will be distributed in December to 92 circuit clerks’ offices. Mississippi has 82 counties, and 10 of those have two courthouses. In early 2014, Hosemann’s office will provide training about the voter ID law and procedures for circuit clerks and election commissioners.” 

And Hosemann and “other supporters say requiring ID will prevent people from masquerading as others to vote,” a prevarication so bold that it lays bear the racists intent of the law in a state where every statewide office holder save one is Republican (the party to which the Dixicrats migrated) and both the House and the Senate is controlled by Republicans.     

Far more than an expensive dalliance of the fiscally irresponsible RepubliCON party ($1.5 million and counting for the photo-ID law not to mention refusing to expand Medicaid as disproportionate share payments disappear),

the photo-ID law implies that the Republicans have be stealing elections via in-person fraudulent voting. 

So after careful thought, fair-play, voter-integrity and racially sensitive Mississippi which only “voted to ratify the [13th]amendment in 1995 but failed to make it official by notifying the U.S. Archivist,” created a vote-Nazi.  In yet another illustration of how contented the African-American population in Mississippi is, they weren’t the ones who discovered or made noise about this oversight. 

But puzzling is how a state can deny an American citizen the right to voter without due process.  I mean a government certification of my birth is not determinative of my citizenship.  So what’s the point of forcing me to produce a birth certificate before I can vote? 

I don’t have to be born in America to be an American citizen.  Just ask John McCain or Ted Cruz. 

When the majority changes in this country, as surely it will, these guilty-until-proven-innocent laws will be repealed, laws which where non-existent until white majorities began to feel dominance slip away.   News Flash!!!  You can’t spend in excess of $1.5 million to capture unicorns, I mean stop non-existent in-person voter fraud and be viewed as either fiscally conservative or believers in democracy.  In the words of a true believer

“The Celestial Empire, the mystery of ages, is being solved. The fiat of the Almighty, “Let there be Light,” has not yet spent its force. No abuse, no outrage whether in taste, sport or avarice, can now hide itself from the all-pervading light.”

Truly and well-spoken brother Douglass. 

This farce known as photo-ID will too pass into the dark dust bin of history like it’s ancestors, slavery and Jim Crow, for His truth is marching on.