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Mississippi Secretary of State of Delbert Hosemann’s office is launching a publicity blitz



Notice how Mr. Haney, excuse me, Ms. Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, says what can be used to get a “free” voter ID. 


Slight of hand, country–bumpkin styled.


First of all the voter ID can only be obtained “free” if you don’t have a current driver’s license.  Notice how the commercial makes the point of listing the things you can use to get a “free” ID.  These are all items you can use to get the birth certificate to get the “free” ID unless of course you bring a birth certificate with you.  This Mississippi voter ID law is essentially an arbitrary, inept citizenship challenge by the state of Mississippi without just cause.  And Americans do not need birth certificates to validate their citizenship as being born in America is not a requirement for American citizenship and I cite the citizenship of John McCain and Ted Cruz as examples of Americans who were not born in any American city, town, state, or territory.  But back to the confidence man’s game of selling Americans the notion that Mississippi’s photo ID law is fair and necessary.  When white Mississippians voted to order everyone to produce photo ID’s at the polls the initiative for which they voted said nothing about citizenship challenges only that that Mississippians should provide photo ID.  Now the RepubliCon legislature didn’t write a law that gave photo ID’s to all registered voters.  No, that would have been fair and fairness is not what they were after but a shrinking of the voting pool.

A situation in which fewer people are voting favors the rich because they get more bang for their buck.


But the most frightening thing about the situation is how so much power over the vote in Mississippi has been deposited into the hands of one man.  Mr. Hosemann illustrates this most clearly in an interview with the Jackson Free Press in which he says,


he wrote an administrative rule that says a driver’s license can be expired for up to 10 years and still be used for voting, and that the driver’s license can come from any state.


What Mr. Hosemann “wrote” today can be undone by some future SOS with the stroke of a pen.  That’s why I have referred to him as the vote-Nazi


And Democratic Party officials in the state indicate the reasons Republicans have so much success.  Republicans are just more motivated and assertive when it comes to pressing their agenda.  The most you get from Mississippi Democratic Party officials is

it’s too early to say whether the Democratic Party will file a lawsuit to try to block Mississippi’s voter ID law.

But that perhaps has more to do with a constituency which is more programmed, conditioned, opiated to watch BET and T.D. Jakes, football and Real Housewives then it is to knowing that they must come together to advocate laws which restrict outsourcing of jobs by people, Democrats and Republicans, who tell them that their lack of education is the reason that they are unemployed or employed at Wal Mart and need government assistance, even as jobs are going to China and Mexico and corporations offshore profits.

Run, Run, Run, but you sho can’t hide, especially without a sheet for cover

Tea Partiers are Republicans and despite denials the take-no-prisoners-no-comprise attitude is the essence of the people in control of the House much to the detriment of many of their naïve constituents.

Tea Partiers run the House of Representatives and their demands to defund ObamaCare as a condition of funding the government resulted in the great shutdown.  It was the equivalent of demanding that they alone determine what will be funded or nothing would move forward.  In the case of the access to “Government” parks, it was better to close them then to run the risk of not having them adequately protected and maintained.  And know some Republicans who were marching in lock-goose-step want to disavow the actions.

And you now have Mr.-tobacco-checks-on-the-House-floor saying things like

John, are you kidding us?

But what makes them, the Republicans, so effective is what makes a confidence man so effective.  The ability of their constituents to be distracted by things like faux IRS scandals and birth-certificate noise, because they, the constituents, have prejudices which make them vulnerable to the miss directions.  If the foundation to your belief system is that the White House should only properly be occupied by a white male, then justification for opposition to the present occupant becomes quite cheap in deed which is why groups like Storm Front and others mixed-in with Tea Partiers, a group with a substantial number of racists sympathizers.

Republicans playing voter ID games Jan. 3, 2013–clarion ledger

Deciding whether to believe the Brennan Center study which “estimated 48,000 low-income Mississippians could have trouble obtaining government-issued photo identification” or an afterthought-study (no federal observers, eligible voter percentages) which suggests only 21,855 Mississippians total would need one?

Mind you, the afterthought was prepared by proponents who requested $395,000 for poll-tax (driver’s licenses aren’t free and Mississippi’s unexpired license requirement is tantamount to a recurring voting fee) ID litigation and requested none for related education and outreach.

A very conservative figure for a Mississippi education and outreach program would be $200,000. Georgia’s costs $840,000 and featured radio and TV public service announcements, direct mail, and packages to government agencies. And then there’s this post-Civil War purge element: “a person can obtain the free voter ID card at a clerk’s office by presenting the same material accepted to register to vote.”

This Haneyism, after Mr. Haney from television’s “Green Acres,” masks the fundamental change in Mississippi voting requirements. Proponent, Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann knows full well that Mississippians didn’t need to present a birth certificate to register to vote before the disenfranchisement legislation, therefore this implied ease is most disingenuous. And where, Mr. Haney, is the money for the clerk’s office “to access birth records” and who will pay?

Registered voters have registration cards, and in signing a voter roll are affirming their identity, like swearing to tell the truth in a court of law (without showing a photo ID to the judge). Mississippi Republicans have in effect established the presumption of guilt in voting law and suggest cheating is rampant, when nearly every statewide official is, ahem, Republican.

Obama’s deception on health care ‘hurting the economy,’ Romney says | Fox News

Obama's deception on health care 'hurting the economy,' Romney says | Fox News.

How can you tell if Republicans are lying about the effect of Obamacare on the economy?

“It’s hurting the economy.”

– Mitt Romney, on ObamaCare –
January 05, 2014•

And somehow,

“The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose, reaching an all-time closing high and headed toward its biggest annual gain since 1996, as Walt Disney Co. led a rally in consumer shares.” and “Five years after the equity bull market started, U.S. investors returned to stocks in 2013, just in time for the best relative returns versus bonds on record.” Bloomberg -Dec 30, 2013

“It’s hurting the economy.”

– Mitt Romney, on ObamaCare

“That’s at the heart of the president’s deception,” Romney said.
January 05, 2014•

And somehow

“The stock market posted in 2013 its best gains since the go-go ’90s, defying the skeptics and proving that the bull market is alive and well as it nears its 5th birthday.” – December 31, 2013

And then there this

“Stocks closed out their best year in more than 15 on Tuesday, with major indexes advancing throughout 2013.” – December 31, 2013 Reuters


The third quarter’s 4.1 percent growth rate is only the second time in the 4-1/2 year economic recovery that quarterly GDP growth topped 4 percent. Forecasters see in the report more evidence that the economy is gaining traction.

The Christian Science Monitor December 20, 2013

“The Commerce Department said construction spending increased to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $934.4 billion. That’s the fastest rate since March 2009 and a slight improvement on the revised 0.9% gain in October.

The November pace was up 5.9 per cent from a year earlier. The gains were mainly in private projects as public spending on construction declined 1.8 per cent from October.” – Wyoming State News.Net Thursday 2nd January, 2014

I ask again how can you tell Republicans are lying about Obamacare and the economy?

Their lips are moving.

WJTV News Channel 12 – Bryant Wants To Drug Test Welfare Recipients


WJTV News Channel 12 – Bryant Wants To Drug Test Welfare Recipients

Much like the privatization schemes embedded in the privatization of departments within state agencies (see the notice for RFP 13-007 which appeared in Jackson, Mississippi’s Clarion Ledger June 7, 2013 and June 14, 2013), the scheme to drug test needy Americans (TANF recipients) is little more than the use of the welfare-queen boogey man to transfer state funds to selected individuals (drug screening companies aka private contractors). The pseudo-tax-saving schemes* essentially transfer state revenue to individual contractors who can then make kick-backs to privatization advocates (favored legislators) via campaign contributions filtered through the likes of the Chamber of Commerce or the Club for Growth or the many other organizations which work covertly and overtly to make certain worker compensation is as low as possible.Why hire state employees through a State Personnel Board and run the risk of employing people who don’t contribute to your campaign and who you can’t fire for their political views or hair style while pretending that they are being fired for inadequate performance?

Of course, the inferred criminality of welfare recipients is much like the inferred criminality assigned to registered and potential registered voters which is the foundation for voter ID laws. It’s like stop-and-frisk applied state-wide. Defenders of such policies say things like if you’re a law abiding citizen then what’s the problem, if you’ve got nothing to hide? By that logic then why don’t we just let the government search our houses on the premise that we have nothing to hide and why not require us to show our tax returns before we register to vote since we’re law abiding citizens and have nothing to hide? Those of us who are law-abiding American citizens should have no problem with placing people through hoops as long as everyone does it no matter how intrusive or inconvenient the hoop, right? And what we required Luis W. Lebron to do is just fine, after all who among us who love America would have any problem with drug testing everybody who needs our help? Who is Luis W. Lebron you say? Luis W. Lebron is a Navy veteran and full-time student who had filed for public assistance. Mr. Lebron, who provided care for his disabled mother and was raising a young child as a single father, argued that it was unfair to require drug testing when no suspicion of drug abuse existed. Heck, conservatives, who claim to love those guys (military personnel) who sacrificed so much for us, say why shouldn’t he be drug tested just as long as everybody who is in need does the same thing. So it’s no surprise that Mississippi would follow Florida’s lead considering the recently passed voter ID law. Heck, in Mississippi they won’t even let you use your expired driver’s license to vote, you despicable likely illegal alien criminal you. Now you can’t get a “free” state-issued photo ID in Mississippi without a birth certificate. One only wonders what ID Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann will allow you to use to get a birth certificate to get your “free” state issued photo ID, since if you had a photo ID you wouldn’t need a birth certificate to get a photo ID. This exclusionary legislation is a beautiful thing for the ignorantly self-righteous who imagine themselves immune to the damage of these barriers. Never mind that a birth certificate is not definitive evidence of American citizenship (Ask Ted Cruz.) No Mississippi has the appearance of a place where it’s common for citizens to show up at the train station to catch last week’s westbound bus out of town, on a day when all the trains are headed north.




*During the time that Florida’s law was in effect “about 2.6 percent of recipients tested positive for illegal drugs, mostly for marijuana, according to the court documents.
The failure rate was well below that of the general population. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found in a 2009 survey that about 8.7 percent of the population aged 12 or older had used illicit drugs in the previous month.” Florida Law Mandating Drug Tests For Welfare Struck Down By Federal Judge

HuffPost 12-31-2013

After a year, Florida had found 108 drug users—out of 4,086 people tested. The cost to the state came to nearly $46,000, an exponentially higher amount of money than Florida saved from the program. Utah’s drug test for welfare law, touted by conservatives as a money-saving measure, cost the state about $31,000—and caught a grand total of 12 users.- “Judge Strikes Down Florida’s Drug Tests for Welfare Law” – Slate