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Plunkett: DSH payments will never be cut. Dems should vote to reauthorize Medicaid now. | Mississippi PEP


Plunkett: DSH payments will never be cut. Dems should vote to reauthorize Medicaid now. | Mississippi PEP

Republicans keep projecting their wishes on the future, forecasting that the things for which they long are “inevitable.” They say things like “With one single decision President Barack Obama pulled the rug out from under any moves by Mississippi Democrats to expand Medicaid in Mississippi.” And that undoing his “signature achievement as President” was “inevitable.” Now this bit of prognostication was a conservative Mississippian’s response to the Obama administration’s decision several months ago to delay “cuts to DSH payments” (“Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments are given to hospitals by the federal government to states through Medicaid for caring for the uninsured”).

Conservatives say this because they see a delay in implementing a shift in payment for indigent care (which they have been successful in labeling a penalty for the states) as a fatal flaw, even getting liberals to adopt the “Luntz” framing. And, although many of the people they, the Crpto-Fascists, count as supporters would die without expansion, they, in clear Atwater fashion, seem perfectly content with repealing:

Coverage which

And the pseudo-anti-judicial activists rejoiced in hearing an activist court legislate with under cover of a flimsy explanation like:

“What Congress is not free to do is to penalize States that choose not to participate in that new program by taking away their existing Medicaid funding”

effectively revitalizing the old states-rights ideology almost a century and a half after the Civil War settled the issue and challenging Congress’ authority to determine how indigent care will be compensated. In one of the most striking examples of the effect of poor history education in America, the American public voted for people who are actually states-rights proponents as if they, “the people,” have no idea that this was the position of staunch white supremacists who sought to rend the Union asunder. How is Medicaid a new program? How does the Court tell Congress how to aid the indigent?

It is, indeed, amazing that somehow shifting the funding to compensate providers for indigent care from disproportionate care payments to Medicaid payments can be viewed as a penalty when:

“Congress had amended Medicaid more than 50 times since its enactment, with a trend of enlarging the population and services covered by the program”

And none of these expansions were considered penalties? As I said, the Supreme Court conservatives, who acted as neo-confederates, used a flimsy excuse to indulge in some conservative-orchestrated judicial activism.

Conservatives say that the

Supreme Court of the United States ruled that states had the legal authority to reject expansion and the federal government could do nothing to penalize states for it.” Of course this was the courts response to “all or nothing.”

But there is nothing to stop congress from reducing the payments over time regardless of whether a state expands Medicaid or not Mr. State’s Rights, as in “ignoring states’ decisions to expand Medicaid when calculating the DSH reductions, meaning states won’t face a financial penalty for refusing the Medicaid expansion as the reductions could be made without any regard to whether a state expands Medicaid or not. Wishing that the law will go away and funneling your attacks to a hypocrite-judicial-activist, states-rights Chief Justice (whose states-rights ideology lines up with even Mississippi neo-confederates) doesn’t mean that the American people will get rid of a law which addresses




But back to that wishful thinking about the delay being the unraveling of the Affordable Care Act. The conservative’s argument goes:

“DSH payments were never going to be cut. One only need to look at the SGR and the annual “Doc Fix” under Medicare to see a perfect example of why,”

comparing Medicare advocacy to Medicaid advocacy. This is delusional, as the Medicare constituents are not the same as a substantial number of the Medicaid constituents. In their delusions about ObamaCare and their fixation with repealing it, conservative pundits have conflated the two. Medicaid constituents, by and large, are not appearing at Tea Party rallies, trying, asininely, to wreck the people’s government. Wish as the neo-confederates will, the people targeted in “their home districts for voting against providing health care to the most needy” won’t be the people who are vigorously advocating Medicaid expansion. It won’t be the people who know the 7 things Republicans don’t want their working class constituents to know who will be confused about who’s responsible for service reductions to the needy. The non-Republican Medicaid recipients already know who is trying to cut SNAP and WIC benefits, in short assistance to the most vulnerable. They know that wishing that Republicans would actually favor social programs won’t make it happen; they know that wishing won’t make it so.

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7 things Republicans Don’t want working people to know about ObamaCare

Both Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel, who are Republicans who want to be one of Mississippi’s Senators for the next 6 years feature anti-ObamaCare rhetoric in their campaign ads. Based on that you can be sure that regular Mississippi Republicans don’t know that

  1. No longer can previous illness or risk for future illness prevent an individual from obtaining health insurance.
  2. Lifetime limits on essential medical expenses are eliminated;
  3. Insurers are prohibited from dropping your coverage or raising your premiums if you get sick
  4. Insurance companies that fail to spend at least 80 percent of premiums on health care must refund the difference to consumers
  5. Women can no longer be charged more than men for individual coverage
  6. Seniors get prescription drug help through the closing of the doughnut hole over the next 10 years
  7. Insurance plans will have to offer preventive care at no out-of-pocket costs

So why don’t everyday Mississippi Republicans know these things? Because Fox News didn’t tell them and although they live in a Red state, figuratively, for you Matrix fans, they have chosen the blue pill. The shame is that many people who vote Republican and receive government assistance and Mississippi is full of them, don’t know that the people for whom they vote see them as bugs who will come out of the woodwork when they see that they have access to healthcare. 

Neo-Confederate, who, me?

Why does the man in this picture object to this “doctored” photo?


What’s wrong with the photo? Well, the man, U.S. Senate candidate from Mississippi, Chris McDaniel, says he didn’t speak at the a certain event in August because he was at a meeting of ALEC (remember that name, the American Legislative Exchange Council), and the photo implies that he did before a particular group in August. Why would he be concerned if he spoke before the group which sponsored the event but did it instead in June and in previous years? Who is this group and what does it matter if he spoke before them. Could it be that McDaniel is trying to show that the report about his speaking in August is wrong and thereby discredit the gist of the story which is that he is a neo-Confederate? The group is the Sons of Confederate Veterans and it “promotes the work of present-day secessionists and contends the wrong side won the “war of southern independence.”(Mother Jones) So what’s the problem with the battle flag of Northern Virginia behind McDaniel in the Mother Jones story. McDaniel must appear benign to those who aren’t comfortable with associations with Klan symbols. They simply don’t play as well nationally, if you’re dependent on out of state funding, as they do locally.

And what does McDaniel have to do with this guy?

See the Driver's License

McDaniel Supports

And what’s that he’s holding aloft in his right hand as he drapes the flag over his right shoulder?
Why I do believe its a driver’s license. You see this is one of the people at the Tea Party rally who was heckling the Mississippi Alliance of State Employees rally in February, shouting about voter ID. Ms. State Senator Joey Fillingane, an ALEC member, sponsored the petition drive
(ALEC Initiative) that lead to Mississippi’s poll-tax-citizenship-challenging-photo-ID law. The Tea Party, ALEC, McDaniel, and the neo-Confederates are all part of a network of financial support and resources which has the smell of post-Civil War Redemption movement.

Wrestl’n Levin or what the heck is a Constitutional Conservative

I saw this interview and wondered what the heck is he talking about.

This sent me into a tussle with Mark Levin’s explanation of constitutional conservatism. Those who attack progress and celebrate and long for a return to primitive America, the America of the “Founding Fathers” where Social Security and Medicare didn’t exist and there was no EPA seem to be in love with the America that existed before there was this, in their terms, great “Leviathan” know as today’s American government with an FLSA and government mandates for clean water and meat inspections. “Constitutional Conservatives” feel that America and the states individually for that matter have too much regulation even when it comes to fair and transparent employment practices in government in places like Mississippi where you have to run to the local paper and yell Don’t Privatize State Government.

But to get into the belly of the beast maybe we should have
A critique of one of Mark Levin’s (who is a Constitutional Conservative) Monologues

Odd how this appears to be just another way of running interference for the oligarchs under the guise of being for the common man.

Democrats are Remarkably Lazy

Well, how else can you explain the Republican Party’s success at co-opting things Democrats fought to put in place? I referred to the Democratic Party as the originator of things that RepubliCons pretend to support in another piece (Ruining Government(The Great REpubliConned pastime) where I also posit the notion that the Republican plan is to castigate and undermine the functioning of government at every opportunity, as part of a grand privatization scheme benefiting an oligarchic donor class.
Here is a Mississippi example of this co-opting.

Look at these pictures

Hosemann PR campaign (3) 12PassRoadstudents974

Hosemann PR campaign (2) 04Class2196

These are pictures from Promote the Vote in Mississippi.

This next picture is a picture of the current Mississippi Secretary of State, Republican Delbert Hosemann congratulating a program participant.

hosemann PR campaign IMG_0088
The literature from Secretary Hosemann’s website says

Tightly aligned with the Mississippi Social Studies Framework and developed in cooperation with the Mississippi Department of Education, PTV’s curriculum consists of voter education lesson plans and activities developmentally appropriate and unique to each grade level. Along with the lessons, the PTV Mock Election allows students to experience voting for official statewide candidates in a simulated election prior to the actual General Election.

What’s missing in the “voter education lesson plan” is the part where the students produce a copy of there birth certificate to get an ID to vote, the new RepubliCon wrinkle. The wrinkle is evidence of the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. The Republican Party having switched characteristics with the Democratic Party, after integration and the influx of blacks into the Democratic Party, is now the party of the “systematic and ingenious discrimination” that the Voting Rights Act was supposed to counter. In Mr. Hosemann, you have a man, co-opting a program, Promote the Vote, begun by a Democrat, Eric Clark, while simultaneously defending voting constrictions wherein people are forced to get birth certificates to vote. Although Hosemann, twisting to sanitize an odorous, offensive law, has come up with some sort of Administrative agreement that contradicts the actual law, restricting access to supposedly “free” IDs means that the IDs are not free and considering the differences in income related to race the law is definitely discriminatory. But perhaps in Mississippi, it doesn’t matter whether Democrats worked harder at not allowing Democratic plans which benefit the common man to be co-opted by Republicans. After all, if your define yourself by allegiance to a symbol of repression, an emblem of class for which race is a proxy, maybe we shall not overcome Lee Atwater’s analysis.

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A Chris McDaniel’s Racist heckles Ethical Thursday Rally

At the Mississippi Alliance of State Employees (Ethical Thursday) rally at the capitol last week (February 27, 2014), there was some heckling from Tea Party members. If you look at the video of the rally from one of the local TV stations, you can even hear one of the Tea Party members who was assembling for a Tea Party rally that was about to begin, yell something about voter ID at the MASE rally participants. Something about it reminded me of the lunch counter sit-ins from the sixties. It’s funny how certain groups don’t think that other groups should occupy a public space un-harassed. The harassment actually began with music blaring from a white convertible circling the capitol. This was downtown in the capitol city of Mississippi, Jackson; a city which has a noise ordinance. At one point during the MASE rally, the Tea Party members used their microphone to mimic the MASE speakers’ statements about inadequate state worker pay by yelling a totally unrelated demand for raises to military pay (proves my point about conservatives and government), in apparent confusion over state and federal responsibilities. The Tea Partiers had chosen to assemble around this memorial

Confederate women's memorial at Mississippi's state capitol in Jackson

Confederate women’s memorial at Mississippi’s state capitol in Jackson


mothers confederate

Oblivious to the irony that the America flag, (you know as in United States of America, the Union) that one of the Tea Partiers held aloft was symbolically the diametric opposite of the monument around which they chose to assemble, a monument to those women who supported men of disunion, men who sought to rend asunder the nation, the state’s rights, white supremacists.


McDaniel Supports

Tea Partiers real

The guy with the flag looks like the driver of the white convertible who did his best to disrupt other Americans, the MASE members who were attempting to exercise their free-speech rights as American citizens at the Ethical Thursday rally. Just as with the resistance to the lunch-counter integration efforts of the sixties, the photo ID laws by the neo-Dixicrats (Republican) legislatures around the country, and the heckling of the state employee rally, the supremacists in the country seam to always be committed to an exclusionary America. Despite what they say about deficits and small government we know what they really mean.

Funny how the hecklers just happen to be in close proximity to supporters of Chris McDaniel, who is running for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate from Mississippi.

Rep. Robert “you-doesn’t-have-to-call-me-Judas” Johnson

Watch and listen closely.

This is what betrayal looks and sounds like before it strikes. This guy voted 30 times against the thing he said he favored in this interview. Any wonder why Republicans rule this state and we can’t expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. This guy could have been a Sovereignty Commission spy.

And one can only wonder what affect this kind of double-crossing behavior has on the lack of resistance to the two-horned unicorn law in Mississippi known as voter photo ID.

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