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The Two Sides of One Coin

How dare LeBron James demand ownership change in the NBA (Donald Sterling, LA Clippers)?1 Doesn’t he appreciate how the owners, in the language of conservatives “the job creators,” have given him and his fellow playmates, food and cars and houses?2 He’s made so much money, he has forgotten that, Charles Barkley’s comments about a “black league”3 aside, he and the rest of the youngsters don’t own the league. He should be glad he lives in a country so generous, so free, and so honest that everyone was perfectly happy with photo-less voting until America started to brown, (a browning) which is now grounds to challenge everyone’s legitimacy. Funny how one guy’s racist comments stirs more collective activity among unionized black millionaires than recently enacted electoral voice-constricting (tying voting to current driver’s licenses), birth-certificate photo ID laws in places like Mississippi. Let the peons fend for themselves as long as they buy our shoes, (and our endorsed products, Lebron and his millionaire comrades are telling us through their largely self-interested activism). Here’s an example of America’s elitist, fragmented, self-absorbed, unionism: You’ll see LeBron in McDonald’s commercials

which necessarily precludes his appearance at McDonald workers’ labor-organizing rallies. No, the more profits McDonalds makes the more mansions Lebron and McDonald’s big shareholders can afford. Despite their abilities to reach high objectives, LeBron and the other players seem restricted (by the base materialism and inexorable greed which is channeling the country into a neo-feudal state) to the low-lying fruit, ousting Sterling. Oh, that they would welcome McDonalds workers into a group that really matters, union membership.

The italicized portions were not part of the original “Letter-to-the-Editor” but have been added since publication. However the letter in (the submitted 195 word version) would have sufficiently conveyed the critique of modern American millionaires, specifically the unionized ones and their tacit support of neo-feudalism.

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Austin Knoblauch