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Two American exports that continue to assault the African-American community.

I saw this image and thought What-the-What!!!!
So this is T.V. in Japan?
Then I remembered why I had this feeling about the Japanese. Then I remembered Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone comments from 1986:

The level of Japanese society far surpasses that of the United States. There are many blacks, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans in the United States whose average level is extremely low.

And then from 1990 you have Justice Minister Seiroku Kajiyama who “compared prostitutes in Japan to black Americans who move into white neighborhoods and ”ruin the atmosphere.”
How could this offensive thinking, this derogatory image make it to Japan? Maybe they traveled from America and still have proponents here.

    Whether at universities in Mississippi

Southern Missblackface-042213

    Or Oklahoma

    Or emails from police departments in Missouri which

“include one sent in October 2011 that showed a photo of bare-chested dancing women, apparently in Africa, with the caption “Michelle Obama’s High School Reunion.” A June 2011 email described a man trying to put his dogs on welfare because the canines were “mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no … clue who their Daddies are.”

The photos, the videos, the emails make it clear how some feel about African-Americans. And it is clear that these white-supremacists opinions have been projected through-out the world.
And it should come as no surprise that American conservatives who have this estimation of Blacks and Hispanics would find ways or have no problem with schemes that make it more difficult for these sub groups to participate in governing through voting.

And then there is the exportation of jobs right after America began to implement Affirmative Action. So, just as America really began to engage the issue of centuries of economic exclusion of blacks, America discovers globalization which makes advancement opportunities which existed before outsourcing obsolete. Of course this export increased the need for government support as the ability for able-bodied Americans to support themselves, all things remaining equal, became exponentially more difficult.

So can you blame the Japanese for their estimation of Blacks in America?

You have a trade policy which pulled rungs from the ladder of upward mobility combined with image exportation which reinforces age-old concepts of inferiority and superiority. The greatest irony is Black America’s assistance in building and sustaining a country which thinks so little of it, an assistance which takes the form of tremendous purchasing of Japanese products. Japan was subsidized for years by America even as American implemented internal policies which kept employment opportunities and housing opportunities (red-lining) and educational opportunities (separate but equal) away from blacks. America essentially re-built a nation, Japan, which attacked her even while she continued to abuse, brutalize, and exclude members who helped build and defend the country. In the final analysis, Japan’s view of the pecking order and racial characterizations are entirely logical, considering what has been exported. Especially when you remember the strategy of conservatives and the order they seek to maintain with their policies.

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Yes, they loved Romney at Mississippi State

It pained me greatly to see Mitt Romney attract such a large crowd at Mississippi State University the other day. I had convinced myself that because Mississippi State didn’t have a Rebel flag and the playing of Dixie to bar from its stadium on fall Saturday afternoons that MSU was somehow fundamentally different. But the event will perhaps help me begin to get well, overcome my delusion, one that allows the actual conditions in Mississippi to go unchallenged, mentally. The fact that Mississippi State’s head football coach, Dan Mullen, is a Romney supporter makes me wonder about what he thinks of blacks who aren’t football players, truly and how football and entertainment in general is an anesthetic for fans that gives us contentment with the economic system because everything feels so fair in the sports arena. But can you imagine the uproar at Mississippi State if President Obama had lost and came to Mississippi State the way Romney did and was endorsed by the head football coach? Now there is no outrage from the people who did not support Romney the way there would be from the people who did not support Obama because Mississippi has an established order and everybody knows there place. It like for this situation there is a “Whites Only” sign in the minds of Mississippians.

APTOPIX GOP 2016 Romn_Wood_1422525661118_12859974_ver1.0_640_480

But back to Mr. 47%, Mitt Romney, a man who has not been asleep but has profited greatly from class warfare, he gained handsomely from the offshoring-wealth-transfer strategy, sending jobs overseas thus reducing American employment opportunities and the derivative upward movement of wages; then Cayman-Isle Mitt called people who don’t make enough to pay federal income taxes, takers (47%). That brings us to the relationship between Romney’s appeal and the deluded thinking about racial supremacy. For many of the Mississippians who voted for Romney for president in 2012, he wasn’t describing them as 47%’ers (white Mississippians who receive disability or welfare or who live on social security don’t see themselves as somebody who a white Republican would be against or criticize for being (non-federal) income taxpayers). No, many of his Mississippi supporters think, in their delusion, “white people are not takers, Romney really wasn’t talking about us.” It’s the old Lee Atwater code.

Another class of Romney voters looks past his criticism of them because he was on their side on the really important things – anti-gay rights, anti-voting rights, anti-abortion. This brings us to religious authoritarianism which will keep Mississippi last. In Mississippi, for many “conservatives” it doesn’t matter how a politician’s economic policies and proposals affect their ability to live middle-class lives, as long as the candidate appears to be right with God. You see, being anti-gay, anti-abortion, and in an Aryan-kind-of-way, anti-voting rights, means that you are right with God and blessed because of it.. That’s the real reason, this drive to dictate the lives of others, that Mississippi is last in so many categories. It is borne of the delusion which is religious superiority. This distraction gives the plutocrats and the neo-feudalists the access to policy making which allows them to wage class warfare undetected by their victims. There is little doubt that if George W. Bush were eligible to run for a third term, he would have carried Mississippi by the same margin that Romney did, because the compelling characteristic of the majority, the Albatross known as delusion, adorns Mississippi’s soul.

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Biblical backing for current government policy?

Eureka!!! Eureka, “unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be less required” Of course this “conservative” interpretation of the good book, substituting less for more, the very book that some conservatives want to make the state book, is why we have American laws which allow wealthier Americans to stash money in the Cayman’s and Switzerland. It is the reason social security taxes still max out at $118,000, leaving those under that amount paying the tax on a greater share of their earnings than millionaires and billionaires and those making hundreds of thousands of dollars; less must be required. The “conservative” biblical interpretations are the reason the state of Mississippi turns it back on Medicaid expansion, “as you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto the undeserving worldly.” In the “conservative mind,” Genesis should be interpreted literally, but the Gospels are, like beauty is, in the eye of the beholder. After all, who would give their son for the world’s salvation, like some bleeding heart liberal? Clearly an unadulterated socialist.

Charles Barkley speaks from the Big House

Did you see Charles Barkley’s Ferguson comments?* At some point people are gonna notice how much Charles Barkley resembles Stephen of Mississippi’s Candyland from Django Unchained. His defense of a broken, biased policing system is relentless, predictable and understandable. He is high in massa’s house and of course he should be the staunchest defender of the status quo. He of course should be expected to defend Zimmerman when he kills Trayvon and Darren Wilson when he kills Mike Brown. Stephen, I mean Charles, being well situated (wealthy and isolated), couldn’t possibly understand how someone not so well situated could be experiencing a sense of hopeless and disconnection from those more well off , how people could lash out at things that seem permanent and stationary, things that give the impression that all is well, normal. Stephen, I mean Charles, doesn’t have to worry about where he will get the money to pay a traffic ticket in a place, Ferguson, which relies heavily upon traffic citations to meet its budget (“It was the city’s second-biggest source of income of the $20 million it collected in revenues.”),** a place which disproportionately fishes for and nets blacks to pay these fines (“67 percent of the city’s population, but are 86 percent of motorists stopped by police.”) He doesn’t have to worry about a son being stalked and gunned down and having some basketball-star-turned-clown who the media seeks for comments on social issues talk about his son being an aggressor when he’s murdered. So when someone sets something in Candyland on fire you can expect Stephen, I mean Charles, to call them scumbags. Perhaps the real scumbag is someone who defends vigilantism and cops who behave like skinheads (Officer Wilson even came from a police department (Jennings, Mo.) in which a white police officer actually beat a black woman for laughing at him)***
without asking:
1. When does an officer draw his weapon while sitting in his patrol car?
2. When does an officer not write a report about his shooting of an unarmed citizen until after he has a chance to hear what the witnesses have said?
3. When does an officer bag his own weapon after he has shot a citizen?
4. When does a police department leave a gunned-down citizen in the street for 4 hours?
5. What message does leaving a gunned-down citizen in the street for 4 hours send to the community and how closely does that action resemble leaving a lynched man hanging in a tree like some strange fruit?
Abusive police and the people who defend may be the real scumbags. Apologists like Stephen, I mean Charles, curse the fruit and ignore the seeding and cultivation. The fact that he has a microphone with which to announce his pithy conclusions is attributable to his priesthood in America’s true religion, entertainment. Remove the athletic success and it is possible that Barkley would not be prince or priest but pauper and some other priest might be calling him “scumbag.” Something some of those in the big house could never imagine.
* Charles Barkley backs police, calls violent Ferguson protestors ‘scumbags’ by RYAN GORMAN Dec. 2, 2014
** “In Ferguson, Court Fines And Fees Fuel Anger” by Joseph Shapiro NPR August 25, 2014
*** “Darren Wilson’s first job was on a troubled police force disbanded by authorities” By Carol D. Leonnig, Kimberly Kindy and Joel Achenbach Washington Post Aug. 23, 2014

“The Republican Party brand sucks and so people don’t want to be a Republican and for 80 years, African-Americans have had nothing to do with Republicans.

Who the H-E-double hockey sticks is he and to whom is he talking to?
And why 80 years? 2014 – 80 = 1934; Would FDR, JFK, and LBJ have anything to do with those 80 years? (the years and the administration which brought us Social Security, CCC, Rural Electrification, Medicare, the SEC, FDIC, etc. or how about Civil Rights and Voting Rights)

He is the Junior Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul who talks to the public as if it were completely ignorant of the Republican Party’s history of the last 40 plus years from Ronald Reagan’s big (black) buck story

to George H. W. Bush’s Willie Horton ads or Jessie Helms the black-man-is-taking-white-men’s-job ads. He would be laughed off the stage by the whites in his audience if they were intelligent enough to know that the Republican Party’s problem is not that blacks have the “perception” that “no one in the Republican Party cares.” The Republican Party’s perception problem among blacks is based on the Republican Party’s behavior and philosophy including its ability to get its rank-and-file members to routinely launch recreational attacks on government. The party morphed into the anti-Civil and Voting Rights party. Rand is right about the perception and was wise enough not to call it a misperception. The lack of Republican Party popularity in the black community is based on perception of Republican Party strategy.

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FBI to determine if Meredith statue’s defiling is hate crime | The Clarion-Ledger |


FBI to determine if Meredith statue’s defiling is hate crime | The Clarion-Ledger |

The conversation:



Stanley Beech · Top Commenter · Blackjack Dealer at Pearl River Resort

First of all, what did the man accomplish in order for a statue to be made in his honor? I don’t recall him becoming famous for anything.Actually it was one of Bobby Kennedy’s pet projects that resulted in two people being killed..If someone is deserving of a statue so be it, but not James Meredith.It’s just something else for The NAACP to use.against the State.They don’t want the white Folks and Black folks to get along, they wouldn’t be in business if they did.


Lillian Stevens Young · Top Commenter · Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Stanley, maybe the statue is there b/c Meredith had COURAGE, the greatest of all attributes, IMO. And famous? In the struggle for civil rights, he certainly is famous. And you can argue whether the statue should be there not; that’s your right. But, the placing of a noose and a flag on the statue sends a message loud and clear, and it’s not one that I want my native state to send. I agree that many (most?) of our current so called civil rights leaders want the race tensions to continue; otherwise, they’d be out of work. However, in this case, we don’t need their involvement to tell us what this means


Stanley Beech · Top Commenter · Blackjack Dealer at Pearl River Resort

Lillian Stevens Young Why was the Georgia flag used?It sounds to me like someone did this just to set race relations back..Someone defaced a statue and there is a 25.000 dollar reward and five football players literally stomp a guys head in at a party and that is not considered a hate crime.This is really nothing to do with Meredith, it’s just something for the NAACP to use against the State of Mississippi, I doubt half of the leaders would even know who James Meredith is.Rest assured Al Sharpton will be down to get his recognition.


Lillian Stevens Young · Top Commenter · Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Stanley Beech <you think someone wants to set race relations back? I think you’re right — the idiots who put the noose and the flag there!! And, do I think those responsible should have been prosecuted for beating this student? Absolutely!!! But, in my opinion, the lack of prosecution by the authorities in Oxford has a lot more to do with the fact that the perpetrators are Ole Miss football players, and nothing to do with race


I’m just saying

We live in a country where entertainment reigns supreme and football is arguably supreme in entertainment, especially in Mississippi. When you look at the discrepancy in the application, the enforcement of drug laws in this country, nationally, you can best believe that to the extent that leniency is shown to these young men who are part of a revenue generating apparatus that race has nothing to do with it. To suggest otherwise is to provide cover for the Stormfront crowd. As for putting Civil Rights leaders out of work, as long as there are George Zimmermans and Michael Dunns running around and as long as you have people who can’t see the connection between the flag that was draped on the Meredith statue and the noose to the Mississippi state flag

and how conducive it is to memorialization of supremacist images and acts white supremacists can appreciate and moderates take the opportunity to join with them in criticism of the NAACP or seize the opportunity to fly the “civil-rights-leaders-want-the-race tensions-to-continue banner” then there will be work for Civil Rights leaders.

In the 60’s Martin Luther King Jr. said

“We have waited for more than 340 years for our constitutional and God given rights” 

Variations of confederate battle flags were the rallying symbols of resistance to this goal.  The white-southerner’s response in Mississippi to full black participation in public life was redemption and the adoption of a flag created by supremacists memorializing the effort to do as they please regarding the ownership of human beings.  In Mississippi that selection was affirmed by an overwhelming white-majority years after MLK’s assassination.  And the mental and emotional support that Mississippi’s state flag lends to the Meredith statue desecration, the recognition of legacy on the part of the offenders is something that perhaps you could criticize the current Civil Rights leaders for not noting.  But don’t expect it from moderates who are never really ready for trouble-makers who abhor supremacist symbols.  No, they, the moderates are more likely to defend such tax-supported symbols of states as respect of tradition.  They must then also recognize the psychic support such symbols extend and the predictable consequences of cherishing such a legacy. 

Why the outrage over a statue

The headline read “

FBI to determine if Meredith statue’s defiling is hate crime


And you quickly come to realize what Mississippi is and why it is the way it is.  From someone at one of Mississippi’s Seg academies came the following comment:

“ How convenient we forget that Meredith is responsible for the deaths of two innocent victims. He only attended ole miss for one year. He was a paid mule by the naacp.. He himself dislikes the statue and would like to see it removed.” –  · Rusty Reeves · Brandon Academy

Here the commenter’s view is that the man the statue honors was a trouble-maker.  The outrage over the statue’s desecration (the statue’s outrageous treatment, it’s disrespectful treatment) is not understandable to segregationists.  The outrage is not justified, it is not even comprehensible to those who love segregation and things like the supremacist-created Mississippi state flag, (apparently akin the old Georgia (Confederacy-memorializing) state flag which was draped with a noose on the statue) because many white Mississippians have never believed in integration.  And Meredith is a symbol of that which they abhor and find repulsive.  Meredith’s significance is so little appreciated among the majority of Mississippians that you are likely to have agreement with this statement from another of the commenters on the story:

“it sounds like littering laws were the only ones violated.” –  · Noel Funchess  Mississippi State University

The chilling effect such an action as the statue desecration can have on minorities is not unlike a cross burning, as anyone could see the implications of a noose and a confederate symbol draped on a black man’s statue.  Oddly, you would think that Mississippians, black and white, would be particularly sensitive to such an outrage as would all southerners.  You would think that the actions where as alarming to people who know Mississippi’s history as someone yelling fire in a crowded theater, there is a bit of terror evoked.  The people at Ole Miss know this which is why they have made moves avoid prompts to yell “the South will rise again” at football games.  What south is it that people want to see rise again.  And when people pretend not to know the significance of offensive gestures and threatening racial symbols then you know what its like to be in Mississippi. 


And for those who say like another of the commenters that

“Yep, you read it correctly – a hate crime against a statue. The word you used – “ridiculous” – isn’t strong enough to describe the absurdity of this. The act of vandalism itself was stupid and the vandals should be punished, but the degree to which it already has been overblown is crazy. I’m running out of adjectives. We haven’t begun to see or hear the end of this.” –  Mike Jones  The University of Alabama

I know clarity isn’t something in which they’re interested. 

And people who don’t see the outrage in the statue desecration probably wouldn’t that think burning a cross would be a hate crime or leaving a swastika on a synagogue door.


“A hate crime is a traditional offense like murder, arson, or vandalism with an added element of bias. For the purposes of collecting statistics, Congress has defined a hate crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.”

Now I guess that’s just another reason for some people to hate government and regulation.  It’s funny how some people count the freedom to intimidate others as one of their cherished freedoms.  And you can understand why when you realize that with that freedom they can chase people from the field of play, out of whole areas of activity, and enhance and ensure unchallenged domination.  This is the connection between segregation and supremacy. 



Just mind your own business.  We don’t need any outside agitation or comment.

“”If you look at it again, where this state is moving forward, and how fast we’re growing in our economy, it doesn’t seem to have been slowing us down. I don’t think it will. I think other states need to worry about their problems and let us grow.”  Comes the word from Mississippi officials in response to reactions to the Mississippi “confederate” state flag.  This flag was adopted by men who believed that

“it shall not be lawful for any freedman, free negro or mulatto to intermarry with any white person; nor for any person to intermarry with any freedman, free negro or mulatto; and any person who shall so intermarry shall be deemed guilty of felony, and on conviction thereof shall be confined in the State penitentiary for life>’

Those were the words of the state constitution adopted a few short years before the white males adopted the Mississippi State flag which to this day pays homage to the Confederacy. 

But you have to give the confederate flag lovers credit for one thing.  They have taken full advantage of the lethargy of a complacent, contented black middle-class (who, themselves are closet-neo-feudalists like the black Mississippi Sovereignty Commission spies – and you must see the PBS documentary “Spies of Mississippi” for a picture of the “Clarence Thomas” mentality) to maintain the symbols of oppression as the principal representation of the state of Mississippi. 

But just remember when you hear things like “no one can name one industry that didn’t come to Mississippi because of that flag” that people who say that don’t care to know or care to remember certain things.  They don’t care to remember that the reason the Klan used Confederate battle symbols like the flag was to remind everyone of their belief in white supremacy.  What defenders of the Mississippi state (“Confederacy-honoring) flag don’t care to know is that the men who adopted that flag people who “still thought they had been right to own slaves and secede from the Union.”  And truth be told the overwhelming majority of the people in Mississippi who voted to keep the symbol of slavery and secession as part the state flag either don’t know or care to know that it was Klansmen and Klan sympathizers who created the flag.  And if the flag, which is now defended by the descendants of people who made life so inhospitable for so many blacks that they left the “Hospitality” state, so if this flag is in any way, shape, or form an impediment to greater prosperity, the majority of Mississippians would rather be DEAD LAST, AND LOVING IT!!!

Clowns? Jokers? You ever feel like you’re stuck in the middle?

It’s the distraction (our entertainment) that has us stuck!!! The jokers and clowns are empowered by our collective ignorance.


As I watch the city government in Richmond Virginia, lead by an African-American mayor, disrespect the memory of the American slave in a way that Holocaust descendants would never disrespect the memories of their ancestors, I think. This is the fruit of a collective ignorance which facilitates comparison of American slavery, in grand acts of public trivialization, to mandatory health care access (in the case of Dr. Ben “Americans-use-too-much-healthcare” Carson) or to the national debt (from Sarah “you-can-actually see-Russia-from-land-here-in-Alaska” Palin). In the minds of “I-built-this” American, the self-made person (I mean who needs God or grace anyway?), it is perfectly logical, in the minds of the history-illiterate, to link slavery to health care or to say slavery is like the national debt. American history, as we are taught it, plays up the image of colonial America as the land of the persecuted-taxation-without-representation Christians even as it down plays the foundation of the independence America felt compelled to declare from Great Britain, an independence borne aloft on the scarred backs of black men and women. Peering back at the past would show how ludicrous the notion of unassisted-by-government wealth creation like comparing health care or the national debt to slavery really is. It was government which made wealth accumulation possible.  Without laws and the apparatus (can you say government) to ensure their application and maintenance the following would not have been possible.

“Slavery led to great wealth not only in England but in the

Chesapeake as well: “In the middle of the seventeenth century … the

richest 10 percent of the families owned roughly 40 percent of the

wealth, a figure that was to approach 70 percent by the eve of

independence.”80 Studying inventories of planters’ estates, Menard

notes that “slaves accounted for only 20 percent of inventorial wealth

in the seventeenth century … but nearly 60 percent by the 1720s and

65 percent in the 1740s.”81 Slave labor was the central source of

Chesapeake wealth and capital. The best-known Chesapeake

entrepreneur, Thomas Jefferson, owned about 200 enslaved workers

in the year of the Declaration of Independence; fifty years later, in the

year of his death, he owned more than that.82 Howsoever some leaders

of the revolution might philosophize about the Rights of Man and

liberty for all, they took care not to apply such doctrines to the

enslaved workers they owned.”

~ A Short History of American Capitalism

by Meyer Weinberg



It is the nation’s collective, seemingly hermetically-sealed ignorance which gives us a middleclass and underclass enslaved by miseducation and sedated by entertainment. We just don’t seem to get it. While the CONNINGservatives are telling us that government is the problem, they are using the government to write rules that increase their wealth even while they call many who vote for them lazy 47%ers, takers. How do you know that our government, that is to say the structure given to us by the lobbyists who write the laws while I play fantasy football or keep up with the Kardashians or attend a Tea Party rally carrying an Obama-is-a-socialist-witch-doctor-from-Kenya poster decrying government hands on my Social Security, our government (a system of laws with the apparatus to ensure their application and maintenance) is committed to doing things which have as a by-product, the maintenance and increase of a permanent underclass? In the latest regression, the corporatists sold the public a bill of goods called NAFTA and watched as Mexicans, pushed out of farming at home by American agri-business, fled their country for work in America even as they, the corporatists, exported middle-class jobs and kept profits offshore. And somehow we believe that baseball diamonds in Richmond, Va. and, in the case of Mississippi, outlet malls are the answer to our economic woes.

Of course the corporatists, the Citizens United crowd, would have you believe that these are the forces (producing job exportation and profit offshoring) of globalization at work, the forces that have Americans scrambling for jobs at baseball stadiums or outlet malls and for foreign investment for manufacturing by Siemens and Toyota and Yokohama as defined benefit plans disappear and conservatives seek to cut food assistance programs and resist Medicaid expansion. The narrative says that we, the American public, just need more education so that we can profit from the globalization trends and that Obamacare is ruining our economy. The irony is those foreigners from whom we beg for investment subsidize education better (Japanese doctors don’t have nearly the education debt that American doctors have) and have excellent universal health care. Contrary to what the CONNINGservatives preach, I guess that stuff, universal health care, doesn’t kill jobs after all. The jobs don’t die; they multiply because of the foreign facsimiles of Obamacare; Universal healthcare countries even send jobs all the way overseas to America. What they, the American corporatists, make sure we never hear much about or at least what that attempt to make sure is crowded out off our consciousness by their Think Tanks and talk industry, when we aren’t trying to see who gets voted off the island next or wins the Amazing Race, what is pushed from our field of vision, what is flooded from our cognizance is how the Germans have 200 insurance plans (nonprofit entities that pay medical bills not dividends) and they have insurance even when they are unemployed. While attacking the Affordable Care Act, you’ll never learn that Germans, to whom southern governors go begging for plant investments, make certain that their workers have great input into corporate decisions with works councils, the co-determined board, and wage-setting institutions. Of course the lethargic, infantile American Labor movement would finally grow up and do the American public a great service if it adopted some of these concepts.  But even the American Labor Movement appears to be as trickle-down, top-down oriented, and untrusting of truly democratic functioning with real leadership rotation. 


No, you see if things like these were widely known and taught we’d laugh, the joker, John Boehner off the podium when he says that America had the best health care delivery system in the world before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and he would be forced to help improve healthcare access which is substandard instead of running interference for the health insurance industry. We’d laughed at the clown, the mayor of Richmond, and tell him to advocate for a national development plan where certain industries are nurtured the way the Korean’s and others nurtured industries to improve the living standards of their countrymen. But target the plans to the areas “left-behind” so that we can reduce the “takers” in America and increase the number of Americans participating in the production processes in the country. That would be true patriotism.

One thing is evident by the language and focus of these two “economic” leaders, the clown on the left and the joke on the right, is whether it’s the Mayor in Richmond Virginia or the Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives, offense is not easily achieved in America where it is entertainment which is truly the opiate of the people.

Palin: ‘This isn’t racist,’ but debt is ‘like slavery’

We have John McCain, a post George W Bush (who never found WMD’s and didn’t read the Bin-Laden-determined-to-attack PDB) Republican, who was grasping at straws in an effort to win an election, to thank for this, Sarah I-can-see-Alaska-from-my-backyard Palin. Only in Republican, CONNEDservative, America could owing the Chinese (Chinese investors are owed 9.8 percent of US debt.) be compared to this:

Is this what Sarah Palin means by owing money to China?


The YouTube account may not be available but you can look for the HBO special “Unchained Memories: Readings from the Slave Narratives or you can read this

If as the article states “Alaska’s free stuff — Medicare, Social Security, roads — was being paid for by taking money from the rest of the country,” then won’t that make her and her family some of those whom Mitt Romney referred to as “takers”that is if “The state-owned oil resources return to each resident a certain amount of money each year, under the Alaska Permanent Fund?”  And if Mitt Romney can hide his money in Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts, even as he runs for President, doesn’t that mean that the borrowing required to pay the “takers” has to be greater to make up for the untaxed-Tony-Soprano-styled-stashed lucre?  If American corporations, needing protection and assistance from the American State Department and American military and America’s military posture abroad can keep profits offshore and avoid taxation doesn’t that make them takers?  I mean I never saw the bill that the American government sent to that shipping company for the Somali pirates that we killed. 

And I wonder what would the outrage had been if Palin had compared owing money to the Japanese to being interned in Nazi concentration camps?  And this brings us to the point of thinking how some Americans trivialize slavery as if the American public is desensitized to the point that the national debt can be compared to this:


The national debt, a lot of which is attributable not to true national defense but to policing the world, is now seen by today’s Republicans, in a veiled appeal to Ayn-Randian self-interest, the way Lincoln felt about slavery?

“I hate it because it deprives our republican example of its just influence in the world — enables the enemies of free institutions, with plausibility, to taunt us as hypocrites — causes the real friends of freedom to doubt our sincerity, and especially because it forces so many really good men amongst ourselves into an open war with the very fundamental principles of civil liberty — criticising [sic] the Declaration of Independence, and insisting that there is no right principle of action but self-interest.

-Abraham Lincoln


Palin: ‘This isn’t racist,’ but debt is ‘like slavery’