Neo-Confederate, who, me?

Why does the man in this picture object to this “doctored” photo?


What’s wrong with the photo? Well, the man, U.S. Senate candidate from Mississippi, Chris McDaniel, says he didn’t speak at the a certain event in August because he was at a meeting of ALEC (remember that name, the American Legislative Exchange Council), and the photo implies that he did before a particular group in August. Why would he be concerned if he spoke before the group which sponsored the event but did it instead in June and in previous years? Who is this group and what does it matter if he spoke before them. Could it be that McDaniel is trying to show that the report about his speaking in August is wrong and thereby discredit the gist of the story which is that he is a neo-Confederate? The group is the Sons of Confederate Veterans and it “promotes the work of present-day secessionists and contends the wrong side won the “war of southern independence.”(Mother Jones) So what’s the problem with the battle flag of Northern Virginia behind McDaniel in the Mother Jones story. McDaniel must appear benign to those who aren’t comfortable with associations with Klan symbols. They simply don’t play as well nationally, if you’re dependent on out of state funding, as they do locally.

And what does McDaniel have to do with this guy?

See the Driver's License

McDaniel Supports

And what’s that he’s holding aloft in his right hand as he drapes the flag over his right shoulder?
Why I do believe its a driver’s license. You see this is one of the people at the Tea Party rally who was heckling the Mississippi Alliance of State Employees rally in February, shouting about voter ID. Ms. State Senator Joey Fillingane, an ALEC member, sponsored the petition drive
(ALEC Initiative) that lead to Mississippi’s poll-tax-citizenship-challenging-photo-ID law. The Tea Party, ALEC, McDaniel, and the neo-Confederates are all part of a network of financial support and resources which has the smell of post-Civil War Redemption movement.

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