Can a Mississippi majority turn back time?

The DOJ says au contraire to Mississippi SOS Delbert Hosemann. The fairness of voter ID is not determined by the voters of Mississippi like some disparately impactful Poll tax of yore. Exemplifying conservatisms exclusionary gene, a “vote of all the citizens of Mississippi” would have kept the schools segregated in 1954 even as some conservative leaders favor repeal of public accommodation laws today (i.e. Rand Paul). In the Mississippi photo ID law case, the absence of a disparate impact study and a study showing the number of people who have cast ballots in-person fraudulently displays the bad faith of the drafters of this law. Mississippi leaders have once again, in successfully soliciting a majority of the state to attempt an end-round against Federal pre-clearance, exhibited the predilection for abusive sovereignty expressions. The grand irony is that a Mississippi majority voted for elected officials who time-limited, via the current-driver’s-license requirement of the Mississippi Photo ID law, their right to vote. It was more important, supposedly, to stop two-horned unicorns, in-person fraudulent voters, from voting. You know that whole, wink, wink, voter integrity thing. Guess you can’t hold a person in a ditch unless you stay in the ditch with them.

October 2012

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