Voter suppression means smaller government

The ease with which Americans accept their presumed criminality, as in the case of Voter photo ID, is remarkable. Americans now seem willing, in Mississippi and many other states, to have their sacred constitutional right downgraded to the level of a private business arrangement like a banking transaction, due to something that happens less frequently than getting struck by lightening, voter impersonation. Millions of Americans do not have a driver’s license or a state-issued non-driver’s photo ID. Yet they and their fellow Americans seem willing to have their birth right tied to a road privilege or to apply for a new state issued ID. Pseudo-small-government conservatives’ embrace of a second government registration to exercise a constitutional right is quite telling. Considering who is most likely to be affected by this flimsy, corporate-designed opt-in scheme, it’s clear that the goal is to degrade electoral participation of certain groups. This voter suppression effort is designed to obtain, maintain, and increase Republican majorities with 2012 presidential implications. This process frustration device is reminiscent of pre-1965 America,( an era closer to original intent). Now we know what conservatives really mean by small government, disenfranchisement of a few million law-abiding Americans with whom they disagree.

October 2011

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