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Not sick enough? Here’s another sickening less-government meal

So the problem was lack of oversight? I mean the whole Mississippi prison contract scandal thing? But in the words of one advocate for less oversight, i.e. removal of the Department of Corrections from Civil Service Protection, “in 2004, the Legislature gave the indicted and former commissioner Chris Epps a temporary removal of MDOC from the Personnel Board.”* And according to the anti-regulation crowd, “What MDOC got in return was hiring, promoting, and decision-making based on favoritism and impure motives rather than merit and competence?” Nevertheless, from the privatization-prison-contract cabal we now get a bill (House Bill 1308) which allows for unexplained hiring and firing as opposed to explanations and justifications and evaluations a.k.a. transparency via a Personnel Board. So much for concern about favoritism and impure motives. And by the way, wasn’t the will-and-pleasure or spoil system at the core of this you-scratch-my- back episode and not Civil Service? Conservatives prove once again they know the best way to fulfill the government-is-the-problem prophecy is to undermine government by making rules and regulations disappear.

* Don’t handcuff new MDOC commissioner: Letters
Patrick Fagan February 16, 2015 – Clarion Ledger