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▶ Don Lemon, GOP Guest Erupt Over ‘Million Vet March’: ‘Aren’t You Embarrassed for Your Party?’ – YouTube

Notice how the TeaBaggers never mention the financial crisis and it’s job-killing-uncertainty-producing results when they talk about how much the debt has risen during the Obama Administration.  Far be it from these naïve corporate shills to fathom the revenue implications of the debacle produced by their puppet masters.  This omission provides cover for the pre-Obama financial carnage as well as does the absence of mention of the connection of the trillions of corporate dollars that remain idle even after the bank bailouts in the discussion of debt and revenue.  Wonder how many more of “we the people” would be at work if some of that idle cash was taxed to fund road programs and healthcare? 

You will also never hear them mention how the prescription drug plan and the two off-budget wars contributed to the rise in the debt when they talk about how much the debt has risen. Wasn’t that borrowed money and doesn’t the interest on it add to the debt and aren’t we paying the interest on the borrowing for the wars and aren’t we borrowing to pay for the prescription drug plan, still?  The supposedly Vet-loving Teabaggers never propose capturing, through taxation, some of the legally hidden, Cayman Island money, like that of their preferred presidential candidate Mitt Romney, as a way of paying off some of that debt and funding the government to keep those memorials before which Sarah-I-resigned-the-governorship-of-Alaska Palin, and (Rafael-sounds-too-Hispanic-just-call-me-)Ted-loose-screws-Cruz appeared.  Ever wondered how the Romney’s of America got to have laws created to produce an effective (there’s an adjective the Cruz types will seldom use preceding the following noun) tax rate for themselves below that of many wage-earning (another description conservatives would prefer you not hear very often) Americans.  You see the beauty of what conservatives do lies in their ability to convince average Americans that all people who have passive income are just like them. The beauty is in convincing Joe the Plumber that Mitt Romney’s Swiss bank account benefits America.  You will never hear them mention how manipulating charitable trusts (i.e. the “accelerated charitable remainder trust” and the “son of the accelerated charitable remainder trust”) allows them to evade funding the government and the wars that would supposedly pay for themselves (like Iraq) or the memorials and national parks that they, the Teabagger Senators, claim to want to keep open.

Disowning Teabaggers while counting on their votes?

Part of the beauty of the RepublCon game plan is the way that they provide a platform for the “crazy guy” (calling for the President, who happens to be a Christian of the most powerful nation in the free world to put the Koran down and to just leave town and surrender), a platform for the “crazy guy”, the “dumb, stupid people” who supply the noise and distraction that exhausts the observer as well as the inattentive to the point where the they succumb to the argument of Washington just being gridlocked. 

Sorry Ben, you can’t hold Ted-loose-screws Cruz up as the gold standard for the Republican Party and allege that he is any more reasonable than Larry if Larry calls Obama a Moslem and Cruz compares him to the devil.  Both of these guys are just doing what any good capitalist would do, taking advantage of a profit-making opportunity.  Too bad their activities undermine democracy by diverting attention from the way the wealthy are using them to increase the wealth gap in this control by increasing the chances that the country will elect people who believe, in the words of the conservative-ruling Supreme Court and Mitt Romney, that “corporations are people” my friend, even though I have yet to see a corporation return from Iraq or Afghanistan in a flag-draped coffin. 

Oh and the confederateVet Protest October 2013 (1A)

Vet Protest October 2013 (1)flag, The Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, was right in place at the forefront of this demonstration. The flag has its origin in white supremacy and is inseparable from it. And why is there an obvious attraction for white supremacists, confederate-flag wavers in the Tea Party movement? Lee Atwater noted the attractiveness of code language like cutting taxes and smaller government to racists years ago.

The irony is how voters, obviously possessing history knowledge deficits, can compare Obama with Hitler all the while being used by the supremacists in much the same way that Hitler used some German people to attack a minority among them as being the cause of the ills within the country. A posting on the Supremacists website sums it up:

Scottish: “I think the “tea party” is a good way to meet people with potential. Most people at this event will be white people who are fed up with the direction of things and they are ready to hear how we got into this mess.”

In the words of journalist, Alex Brant-Zawadzki

“White supremacists believe that they are only the tip of an iceberg, the visible aspect of a more universal hatred. The documentary suggests that white supremacists sees Tea Parties as “the best chance in decades to cross over into mainstream American politics.”

What if you read this from a Tea Party advocate?

“white Americans are fed up with black crime, immigration, and now they are backed into a corner…their country is being taken away from them and they will fight back…we will provide them with those answers.”

You just have. Those are the words of Don Black whose “foremost activity is operating Stormfront, the largest and most popular meeting place for white supremacists on the entire Internet.” The similarity between the “their country is being taken away from them” language and the recurring theme at anti-health care town hall meetings and on Tea Party signs is unmistakable. Their country has been taken or is being taken from them but it’s the corporations that they unwitting defend that are rapidly devaluing whatever education that they have with job outsourcing and profit off-shoring and funding candidates who shift the tax burden away from the wealthy and onto them. How is it possible that they could not know that the Tea Party was behind the situation that prevented the passage of the continuing resolution to fund the government? And is this, America, some animal farm where they, the people with memorials, are the animals that are more equal than the rest, where some are supreme, some are sovereign and others are just regulars, some are just serfs? Perhaps this is the way to make supremacy work, the key to pyramid. You simply divide and conquer, pulling the Heritage-funded strings from behind the scenes.

Shutdown Prompts Emergency Declarations In Utah : The Two-Way : NPR

And just think the citizens of Utah have their Senator, Mike “laughing stock” Lee, to thank, in part, for the government shut down.  Betcha former Senator Bennett would not have been so ridiculous when it comes to shutting down the government.  The Tea Party activists, who ousted Bennett, argued for a smaller government with less economic intervention.  But now its Utah’s Governor who’s pleading to “President Obama to reopen the region’s National Park areas.”  I wonder if the “don’t-tread-on-me” gang, when complaining about that big bad government that should be “small enough to drown in a bath tub” wanted a government so small that it couldn’t  provide resources that would allow “four Utah counties” to be “dependent on National Park and public lands visitors.”  No that would make a portion of Utah part of Mitt Romney’s 47%ers.  Now from county officials in Utah you have “pleas “for Congress and the administration to get the parks open.”  The clown Teabagger Senators have advanced the conservative falsehood to the point where it is now hurting large segments of their states, the falsehood that in the United States of America, we do not have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Cut it blindly, like a clown in an operating room and you risk “losing as much as $300,000 a day in tourism spending and tourism-related tax revenue.” But with these devil-take-the-hindmost, Ayn Rand disciples, the belief is that government should not be concerned with things like that because we are running deficits, even as they collect $174,000 a year and take advantage of excellent healthcare made accessible by the government. 

Shutdown Prompts Emergency Declarations In Utah : The Two-Way : NPR

Can Congress fix ‘shameful’ military death benefit lapse? – NBC Politics

This is what happens when someone, I am not going name anybody, irresponsibly attempts to defund a law when they control only one house of congress. Oh what the heck, Teabaggers, this is what happens when Teabaggers come to power in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Responsible people would have foreseen the possibly catastrophic consequences of trying to ram the de-funding of the Affordable Care Act down the throats of a Democrat-controlled Senate and a Democrat President who was just re-elected after backing passage of the Affordable Care Act.  Responsible people, people who care about the people who work in government and depend on a government of the people would not jeopardize the well being of those people by turning to undo a law that they were not successful in defeating legislatively or through the courts.  But this America is what happens when you elect people, Teabaggers, who don’t believe in government, people who don’t believe government can do anything right.  This is what happens when you elect people who seem to care no more about people than the General Zod character from the Christopher Reeve’s Superman movie.  But they themselves still have jobs with pay and healthcare so what does this pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps crowd care about death benefits to the families of American GIs?  This is what happens when you elect devil-take-the-hindmost people.  This is what happens when you elect Godless Ayn Rand types. And their effort to fund only the things they like is the RepubliCon strategy at it’s purest. It is the divide and conquer strategy that they have been employing for quite some time now. The plan is to satisfy some of the middle class and have them turn with a vengeance on the everyone else, all the while the profits and income of people like Mitt Romney stay offshore and jobs stay outsourced as the class warfare intensifies via use by the Teabaggers of “piecemeal” measures.”    

Can Congress fix ‘shameful’ military death benefit lapse? – NBC Politics

Dem congresswoman vows to keep salary through shutdown | The Daily Caller

how a congresswoman drawing a salary of $174,000 can be construed as standing with “federal government employees” who “rely on their paychecks to feed their families” is unclear.

Perhaps this is a mysterious statement to people who support the Tea Party but don’t question why all Teabagger representatives don’t return their paychecks.  After all it is the Teabaggers who complain so much about deficits and yet run for office and take salaries thus adding to the deficit.  You don’t produce demands that you know will lead to the closing of the government and claim to want the government to be “small enough to drown in a bath tub” and accept a salary from the government.  Congresswoman Moore’s statement about accepting her salary isn’t strange at all if you believe in government and government services.  But what is ironic, what is strange, what is Teabaggeresque is orchestrating the closing of the government with demands that a law be defunded thereby forcing furloughs and then voting to pay the employees, thereby insuring that employees are paid for not working.  So much for the Teabagger mantra “if a man does not work then neither should he eat.”  I wonder if the Teabaggers will now require the furloughed employees to look for work like food stamp recipients in order to receive their pay for the time that they were furloughed. 

And while the Teabagger journal used the occasion to attack Representative Moore for defending her son who was involved in a voting fiasco, I wonder if the Daily Caller ran any extensive stories about a real voting scandal connected to a Teabagger favorite son, Scott Walker, in Wisconsin?  A Walker donor, “Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Co. CEO William Gardner, was convicted of violating state elections law with excessive donations to Walker’s campaign. He was sentenced to two years probation last year “(actually 2011).

Everybody doesn’t have the advantage of illegal donations.  Some people actually believe in government and aren’t receiving “excessive donations” to augment their coffers.



Dem congresswoman vows to keep salary through shutdown | The Daily Caller

Layoffs and Health care opposition are sponsored by useful idiots

The useful idiots in Texas are responsible for this bit of painful comedy; They are the ones who sent this shameless, ridiculous, opportunistic clown to Washington.  And to think, while he and his fellow defenders of repeal of a law (which closes the doughnut hole for seniors, removes life-time caps, and provides funding for more primary care doctors), while Neugebauer and his fellow Teabagger colleagues tie a continuing resolution to fund the government to funding the Affordable Care Act, they are collecting $174,000 per year. Yes, Texas, a Teabagger stronghold, where “22.5% of Texans didn’t have health insurance in 2012” useful idiots are willing to see to it that Randy Negebauer gets $174,000 a year from the federal government along with a choice of insurance plans while he attacks park officials for closing down the park because the Teabaggers won’t pass a clean continuing resolution to fund the government.   

Are we to laugh while this neo-feudal exploitation continues?  Likewise, the Tea Party types in Mississippi in their efforts to resist the Affordable Care Act insist on not expanding Medicaid because it’s too expensive and too intrusive.  But they are the same officials who don’t’ mind milking the government for military expenditures whether they are needed or not.  You would think that trading $159 million Mississippi dollars for $383 million federal dollars (Mississippi cost in 2025 while the federal government provisions of 90% of $426 million.) But no, the useful idiots in Mississippi are willing to allow well-compensated state government officials to block this government assistance for the poor and working class (“since the state decided not to expand the Medicaid program for the poor under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. As a result, nearly 300,000 adults there will fall through the cracks of healthcare reform.”)

(In not expanding Medicaid, Mississippi “is turning down an estimated $426 million in federal funds for next year.” The argument is that “the administrative costs borne by the state would be too high. A report by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning estimated the cost of Medicaid expansion for the state at $8.5 million in 2014, rising to $159 million in 2025 as more people enroll in the program and federal subsidies step down from 100 percent initially to 90 percent.”) This callous, self-serving, self-aggrandizing leadership has to be a reason why Mississippi is dead last or very near dead last in so many categories (“It tops the charts for poor-health indicators: highest in poverty, second-highest in obesity, highest in diabetes and highest in pre-term births.”). Where else would you find people not willing to exchange $8.5 million state dollars for $425 million federal dollars in 2014? Certainly, the poor and working class could not be the net beneficiaries of such neo-feudal determinations.

The clowns who underfunded embassies and complained about their lack of protection and who now won’t fund the government unless they are able to defund a law they don’t like, depend on useful idiots who must be masochists to erect and maintain a neo-feudalistic America where the serfs must depend upon their lords to provide for them even as the lords send jobs over seas and hide money in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. Yes my lord, yes my lord we should accept your tongue lashings while working under conditions you created because we are your useful idiots. Destroying affordable healthcare and putting the life-time caps back in place and allowing the insurance companies to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions are all part of the class warfare which exacerbates the country’s wealth gap. Well done my lords, well done


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