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Sebelius deflects criticism on ObamaCare-tied cancellation notices | Fox News (and another thing)

“Hold me accountable for the debacle I’m responsible.”


Words from a Fox (pronounced Faux) news story titled: “Sebelius deflects criticism on ObamaCare-tied cancellation notices.” Only Faux News would headline a story in which Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, is quoted as saying “Hold me accountable” with the title “Sebelius deflects”

Gota love a news organization which was for the eight years of the Bush Administration, the equivalent of the cold war’s Pravda. And those words: “Hold me accountable for the debacle, I’m responsible” are words you would never hear from one of the Soviets. Nor are they words that you would hear from Dick-5-deferments-Cheney after he assured Americans that “We will be greeted as liberators,” in Iraq or providing the atmosphere for the Scooter Libby affair. And liberals must always remember that this is the dividing line between them and conservatives. Conservatives, not unlike true sociopaths, never have anything for which they are sorry because they are always right. Just look at Condeleeza–smoking-gun-mushroom-cloud Rice. You see, at heart, conservatives are neo-feudalists and express the proclivity to advocate a kind of executive sovereignty, an imperial presidency. Former VP Cheney was so brazenly imperialistic that he at one point stated that

the office of the Vice President was not an “entity within the executive branch” (see ThinkProgress article)

No Tea Party rallies to get “their” country back were held by those great interpreters of the constitution, those who call themselves Tea Partiers. There were no complaints of constitutional overreach or extra-constitutional posturing in response to Cheney from the CONservative Teabaggers because the people they liked were in power. The personalities, the men they preferred were in control. There were no Whitewater investigations culminating in Lewinsky probes. No, you didn’t see these things because RepubliCons are hypocrites and bullies, control-freaks with superiority complexes.

You hear this superiority, this proclivity for tyranny, the neo-feudal strain in

Nixon’s “Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”

You see CONservatives believe in an Imperial Presidency, except of course when they are out of power in which case you have them running around talking about how the other side is doing things that are unconstitutional, like the Tea Party types who are really supporters of a kind of class system in America, a class system in which Republicans or conservatives rule and its perfectly ok for the ruling class to write laws which allow them to hide money off-shore in the Cayman Island and not pay taxes at the rate of bus drivers or teachers. In essence they are declaring their superiority in constitutional interpretation in things like the Affordable Care Act and whether corporations are people among other things. Liberals, Progressives must never, ever cede that ground to them because to do so is to accept a role as their loyal subjects. When Liberals hear a RepubliCon used the terms constitutional government, original intent, or states’ rights, they should immediately remember the activist Supreme Court’s involvement in the 2000 Presidential Election and Dick Cheney and think control freaks and bullies and that they (conservatives) believe when it’s their guy, “Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”

So when people like Lamar Alexander, many of whom were spending huge chunks of state money saying that the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional, when people like Senator Alexander, RepubliCon of Tennessee, declare:

“Mr. President, at some point there has to be accountability. Expecting this secretary to be able to fix what she hasn’t been able to fix during the last three-and-a-half years is unrealistic,”

Remember they were not calling for resignations to fix the problems related to the roll-out of Medicare Part D, just as they were silent about the Bush administration’s incompetence, (in the months after the conservative activists Supreme Court halted the counting in Florida), in the Bush Administration’s handling of the Bin Laden PDB. No, they were very silent about those things.

When you hear the now curiously Obamacare loving Lamar Alexander say,

“It’s throwing good money after bad. It’s time for her [Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius] to resign — someone else to take charge” 

You would be right to think, competence, competence, are the RepubliCons concerned with competence and resignations after their silence following Bora, Bora and the Curveball-inspired run into Iraq? And Mr. and Mrs. Fiscally Conservative Republican, didn’t we borrow to pay for that war (including all the no-bid contracts) and exactly when did we pay for it? Where were the Taxed-Enough-Already rallies against spending money that don’t have and forcing increases in borrowing (the debt) or taxes?

You must marvel at the RepubliCons’ blatant disingenuousness. You must remember this request for a resignation is coming from someone whose party voted 46 times or more to repeal the very thing he now what, wants to see work properly? You must remember that they (Teabaggers) never said anything about resigning when their representatives used the continuing resolution to fund the government to force a government shutdown costing the country $24 billion in GDP. Thanks fiscal conservatives! You CONservatives are so concerned about the debt and the deficit, right? What’s $24 billion dollars anyway? What’s a little lost revenue in a place like say, Tea Party Senator’s Mike “laughing stock” Lee’s Utah? Only CONservatives would still be selling a faux concern for deficits and debts after costing this much GDP and wasting time and money by passing bills to repeal the Affordable Care Act instead passing the President’s infrastructure bills. Could you imagine what it would have been like to have this crowd around when the country was contemplating the TVA? And only masochists would still be voting for Teabaggers like Mike Lee who are perfectly willing to give them (their self-flagellating constituents) as much of a beating as they want. What’s it costing him? I mean Mike “don’t-trend-on-me” Lee was still making his $174,000 a year when many Utahans were wondering how they were going to pay their mortgages, their car notes and yes, kept their health insurance in force. No need to wonder who that rattle snake on that Gadsden flag was striking during the RepubliCon orchestrated shutdown.

Sebelius deflects criticism on ObamaCare-tied cancellation notices | Fox News

Can you really keep your doctors if you like them? | Interviews | Fox News

This is how the Teabagger, RepubliCon, Crypto-Fascist distortion begins:

“ObamaCare requires all plans out there to meet a certain number of minimum requirements including that they provide for example, maternity care.” — MEGYN KELLY, HOST of the Kelly (that’s pronounced Kel-LIE)File

To attack the President using this falsehood, you must ignore the fact that plans sold before the bill (the Affordable Care Act) passed are not required to have the essential provisions that plans sold after passage must contain.

But once you establish the false premise the credibility attack is viable.

Then you can have your accomplice come in and say in response to your question

“So, was the president, you know, is his promise being kept?”

“No, Kelly, it’s not. I mean, President Obama said in 2009 if you want to keep your health insurance plan you can .” — EMILY (pronounced I’m – I – LIE) MILLER, SENIOR OPINION EDITOR, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

So, to the people with the cancellation notices, what was your plan in 2009? Could it have been grandfathered in or did the insurance company change it so that it is no longer your 2009 plan?

Here is a possible answer:

“The main reason insurers offer is that the policies fall short of what the Affordable Care Act requires starting Jan. 1. Most are ending policies sold after the law passed in March 2010. At least a few are cancelling plans sold to people with pre-existing medical conditions.”

But if they fell short but were sold before the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the companies could have kept them in force. The law didn’t tell the insurance companies to cancel them. To the people with the cancellation notices, the government, President Obama, ObamaCare, the law didn’t take your policy away from you. President Obama actually said:

“If you like your plan, and you like your doctor, you won’t have to do a thing,”

And here is the finisher:

“We’re not going to mess with it.” 

The you can-keep-your-doctor- you-can-keep-your-plan assertion was actually and remains a legitimate response to the government takeover lie that the Teabaggers, RepubliCons were throwing up to thwart any effort to break down the monopolistic healthcare industry and bend the cost curve, which shrinks healthcare insurance profits while actually puts more money into the pockets of consumers (see the part about premium returns if a certain percentage isn’t spent on healthcare-$1.5 billion overhead savings and insurance rebates to Americans since its implementation in 2011).

So when KELLY (Kel-LIE) says “If I want to pay less for a less great plan, isn’t that my right? I mean, what we are seeing now is that right has been taken away from hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of Americans.”

She isn’t talking about herself paying less for a less great plan-a plan that turns out not to cover things that you thought it would(she makes $250,000 per year and is worth $5 million). No, for her and Michelle Bachmann and Michelle’s southern doppelganger Marsha Blackburn (concerned that people who want to buy insurance policies that are the equivalent of Fords are being forced to buy policies that are the equivalent of Ferraris) of Tennessee with their $174,000 per year salaries and government insurance, inadequate insurance is an academic discussion. I am sure there were people like them who lobbied on behalf of people who wanted to buy cars without seatbelts and complained about the cost of cars with seatbelts because, really, how many people are going to have an accident and really need a seatbelt? These people aren’t called CONservatives and RepubliCons for nothing. They know by their elections and campaign contributions that there is a self-flagellating, masochistic element within the American body politic, an element that seems to believe in purification through pain. There has been gold in dem dere hills!!! But if the recent RepubliCon orchestrated shutdown is any indication, even self-flagellation has its limits.  Even Utah which ousted Senator Bennett to elect a clown like Mike Lee may have learned a lesson about attacking a government which is for the people

Can you really keep your doctors if you like them? | Interviews | Fox News