A Chris McDaniel’s Racist heckles Ethical Thursday Rally

At the Mississippi Alliance of State Employees (Ethical Thursday) rally at the capitol last week (February 27, 2014), there was some heckling from Tea Party members. If you look at the video of the rally from one of the local TV stations, you can even hear one of the Tea Party members who was assembling for a Tea Party rally that was about to begin, yell something about voter ID at the MASE rally participants. Something about it reminded me of the lunch counter sit-ins from the sixties. It’s funny how certain groups don’t think that other groups should occupy a public space un-harassed. The harassment actually began with music blaring from a white convertible circling the capitol. This was downtown in the capitol city of Mississippi, Jackson; a city which has a noise ordinance. At one point during the MASE rally, the Tea Party members used their microphone to mimic the MASE speakers’ statements about inadequate state worker pay by yelling a totally unrelated demand for raises to military pay (proves my point about conservatives and government), in apparent confusion over state and federal responsibilities. The Tea Partiers had chosen to assemble around this memorial

Confederate women's memorial at Mississippi's state capitol in Jackson

Confederate women’s memorial at Mississippi’s state capitol in Jackson


mothers confederate

Oblivious to the irony that the America flag, (you know as in United States of America, the Union) that one of the Tea Partiers held aloft was symbolically the diametric opposite of the monument around which they chose to assemble, a monument to those women who supported men of disunion, men who sought to rend asunder the nation, the state’s rights, white supremacists.


McDaniel Supports

Tea Partiers real

The guy with the flag looks like the driver of the white convertible who did his best to disrupt other Americans, the MASE members who were attempting to exercise their free-speech rights as American citizens at the Ethical Thursday rally. Just as with the resistance to the lunch-counter integration efforts of the sixties, the photo ID laws by the neo-Dixicrats (Republican) legislatures around the country, and the heckling of the state employee rally, the supremacists in the country seam to always be committed to an exclusionary America. Despite what they say about deficits and small government we know what they really mean.

Funny how the hecklers just happen to be in close proximity to supporters of Chris McDaniel, who is running for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate from Mississippi.

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