‘Anti-Bloomberg Bill’ in Mississippi Bars Local Restrictions on Food and Drink – NYTimes.com

‘Anti-Bloomberg Bill’ in Mississippi Bars Local Restrictions on Food and Drink – NYTimes.com.

“This is about personal responsibility,” a Mississippi state Senators lectures from the death-to-the-nanny-state side of the aisle in defense of a recently passed law removing the ability of Mississippi towns to mandate calorie counts on menus or address other public health issues. “When I go out to eat with my three daughters they get waters. I don’t need the government to tell me to do that,” he self-righteously proclaims. But anti-Nanny-state Colonel Reb (the majority of the Mississippi legislature), acting on behalf of business interests like Stonewall’s Barbecue owned by Mississippi state Senator Tony Smith who introduced the bill after being approached by the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association and big entities (i.e. sellers of soft drinks), is patriarchally perfectly content in telling cities they can’t enact laws to benefit public health. Colonel Reb says you don’t need to know how many calories are in the food on the menu. We’re fat in Mississippi and we don’t want any government forcing us to look at calorie counts or allowing local representatives to enact laws that force obese people to make any extra efforts to get our half gallon of coke in one serving. This is Mississippi, by God, and we don’t need no Medicaid expansion either, we don’t want to hear about no economic multipliers to be derived for increased federal dollars. The only multiplying we’re interested in is the number of people showing up in emergency rooms because they couldn’t afford any preventative or diagnostic medicine. Like slavery, this is about a way of life so keep all those northern ideas to yourself, because down here old times are not forgotten.

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