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If you felt it was in your best interest to have those around you trail the nation in education wouldn’t you see to it that your public education system is underfunded because “There’s gold in them thar hills”?  Like unto that notion in terms of its opportunity constricting implications for the masses, if you believe that certain people in your environment were innately inferior wouldn’t you work subconsciously if not consciously to use your resources in ways that are not designed to uplift these lost souls, these people predestined for subordinate positions?  That, dear readers, is a description of conservatives, Democratic and Republican, in the state of Mississippi.  Then you have those, the aforementioned rope-supplying capitalists, who see the potential in all humans but see a profit in selective education and for whom the predestination thinking is just a cover for privatization and the myriad of ways to cash in on selective education despite its threat to a democratic republic such as ours.  So it should come as no surprise when you here a Mississippi conservative say, “Don’t you dare force us to adequately fund education.”

Workers at Tennessee Volkswagen factory reject United Auto Workers union | Fox News


“VW wanted a German-style “works council” in Chattanooga to give employees a say over working conditions. The company says U.S. law won’t allow it without an independent union.”  And so you have to ask yourself why didn’t they get it.

Defeat of the union in Tennessee is said to have “stunned many labor experts who expected a UAW win because Volkswagen tacitly endorsed the union and even allowed organizers into the Chattanooga factory to make sales pitches.”

Why would a company from a country with strong unions only “tacitly” endorse a union in America?  Perhaps it is an example of how the trade wars are really fought, with the Germans effectively colonizing America. We know that the company had the leverage to get a union in the plant in Tennessee if it wanted one there.  Governors, who are paid by taxpayers even travel to foreign countries taking gifts “paid for by private funds”1 in an effort to get foreign companies to build plants in their states.  Everyone knows the kind of incentives and the resources states are willing to put at the disposal of foreign companies.  So when the a company with unionization in all it’s other plants remains “neutral throughout the voting process”2 in Tennessee, you know the company must have been against unionization in Tennessee.  The way that southern state governments have been giving away everything (including tax abatements, and man hours paid for by taxpayers, indeed discarding their pretention that there is such a thing as a free market as they are giving advantages to people they have selected, whether it be a German auto manufacturer or a Japanese tire manufacturer) to get foreign investment, there is no way that Senator Corker and the other Republicans would have gone against Volkswagen’s wishes with the public anti-union statements they’ve made.  That is how we know that they acted on behalf of the Germans in the trade war.  In the effort to get the Yokohama tire plant in Mississippi, officials made sure that “[i]f the Japanese execs had a question about power, for example, a TVA official was quickly summoned. Bryant [Mississippi’s governor] said he and Mississippi’s U.S. Sens. Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker — not just their staffers — were available for meetings as needed.”3

1.  “Landing Clay County tire plant was no easy task” Apr. 27, 2013 – The Clarion Ledger

2.  “Workers at Tennessee Volkswagen factory reject United Auto Workers union”  Published February 15, 2014

3.  “Landing Clay County tire plant was no easy task” Apr. 27, 2013 – The Clarion Ledger

Workers at Tennessee Volkswagen factory reject United Auto Workers union | Fox News

Germans, Union to blame for Volkswagen Vote Loss



Volkswagen Vote Loss Signals Difficulty Ahead for Union Organizers | Fox Business

Published February 15, 2014

Dow Jones Newswires

  Anybody notice how parts of America’s south has become Germany’s colony? It is apparent that Germany sees the U.S. as a place too primitive for worker involvement in management. The Germans pretend to favor unionization in America. Oh, they say that they “ wanted the [Tennessee]plant workers to form a works council, which is a committee of employees who would give management feedback on running the plant. Works councils are the norm in Germany.” However, oddly enough, this arrangement didn’t come as a given with the plant when the Germans decided to locate the plant in Tennessee.

This is partly the consequence of an American labor movement too inept to press the matter at the start of the process. However, this ineptitude has a beneficiary within the movement. This beneficiary is a labor hierarchy which profits from not educating its membership on labor arrangements which have worked so well in other countries. An educated membership could be active in disseminating the information on successful labor movement design to the general public. The hierarchy in the American labor movement actually benefits in terms of prestige and financially from not having to answer to a more knowledgeable rank-and-file which would be more capable of demanding more turnover in leadership, a turnover beneficial to democracy within the union movement itself and to democracy in America as labor would be a more formidable counterbalance to capital which is content to offshore profits and outsource jobs.

But this defeat of unionization is also the consequence of Germans content to see laborers in another country not have the kind of participation in corporate governance that German workers have. This actually makes American workers almost like vassals to the German workers, dependents of the German workers who are on the co-determined boards of the corporations that employ Americans.

In the end, if you can’t convince workers that what’s good enough for millionaires, the NFL, MLB, the NHL, and the NBA, is good enough for every day wage earners, if you can’t convince workers that unions are good things then maybe you should change the product by truly educating the content, the workers. 

Run, Run, Run, but you sho can’t hide, especially without a sheet for cover

Tea Partiers are Republicans and despite denials the take-no-prisoners-no-comprise attitude is the essence of the people in control of the House much to the detriment of many of their naïve constituents.

Tea Partiers run the House of Representatives and their demands to defund ObamaCare as a condition of funding the government resulted in the great shutdown.  It was the equivalent of demanding that they alone determine what will be funded or nothing would move forward.  In the case of the access to “Government” parks, it was better to close them then to run the risk of not having them adequately protected and maintained.  And know some Republicans who were marching in lock-goose-step want to disavow the actions.

And you now have Mr.-tobacco-checks-on-the-House-floor saying things like

John, are you kidding us?

But what makes them, the Republicans, so effective is what makes a confidence man so effective.  The ability of their constituents to be distracted by things like faux IRS scandals and birth-certificate noise, because they, the constituents, have prejudices which make them vulnerable to the miss directions.  If the foundation to your belief system is that the White House should only properly be occupied by a white male, then justification for opposition to the present occupant becomes quite cheap in deed which is why groups like Storm Front and others mixed-in with Tea Partiers, a group with a substantial number of racists sympathizers.

We could have bought what?

The next time RepubliCons say we can’t afford “entitlements” our answer should be oh, yes we can!

If we can spend four trillion on military miss-adventures (see Iraq war) and essentially be the world’s police force, then certainly we can take care of our unemployed, poor, and elderly and educate our own people, I’m talking GI-bilL type higher-education and vo-tech funding for the general public here. And the next time RepubliCons tell you “we” can’t afford to do these things tell them “we’re” not broke because “we” have too much untaxed offshore money for which corporations are unjustifiably seeking tax amnesty. And we need to change or industrial policies so that they favor home-based production and work. It makes no sense to give any advantage to off-shoring and outsourcing as it is depleting “our” accessible resource base and degrading “our” ability to contribute to the programs we love at home while giving big corporations the ability to evade contributions to those same programs including education and retirement funding. The RepubliCons are religiously committed to their god (the supposedly “free-market” with its invisible hand) and the granting of amnesty to unproductive capital, the production and accumulation of which was made possible by American protections and laws, while denying it to undocumented workers who have made life better and cheaper for Americans here in America. How’s that for patriotism from the RepubliCons, who don’t believe in evolution but love social-Darwinism.

Scrambled Religion for Breakfast?

Just watched Dr. Carson’s speech at the recent National Prayer Breakfast. Never knew he was a spokesman for FreedomWorks and the Heritage Foundation with all that talk about Health Savings Accounts(at 21:10 in the video). In his deified “free-enterprise” system (a system that has never existed when you considered how big players routinely combined to bar entry and restrict competition see McCarran–Ferguson Act) how many “85 year-olds” with “six diseases” are going to have anything in a HSA to pay medical bills? When you consider the crack about not having to worry about a “Dealth Panel” because you have an HSA that may be the idea behind the practice basically to make sure that survival of the economic fitness is given a chance to fully flower. Who needs any stinking end of life counseling? Just let the money run, end of conversation. Isn’t that so much more humane?
(Listen to Dr. Carson’s example about the diabetic “choosing” to go the clinic instead of the emergency room because of the amount of money he has in his HSA at about 21:40 in the video)

In this “free-enterprise” system who is the “we” who will put money into the HSA’s (would they be like a Goldman-Sachs account) of the indigent instead of some implied “Medicare-like bureaucracy” as you propose? What is amazing is how American-styled capitalism (it’s not the only type of capitalism that exists) how American-style capitalism has left us a nation where doctors who have Jesus as a role model (see video about 17:58), I don’t recall Jesus charging the paralytic for healing or the lepers filing bankruptcy because they couldn’t pay for their cure, are supporting a health system which is put to shame by the Buddhist in Japan :).