Dr. Ben Carson: Healthcare Is ‘Upside Down’ : NPR

Dr. Ben Carson: Healthcare Is 'Upside Down' : NPR.

When Dr. Ben Carson talks Healthcare he leaves his brain at home. His proposals are stupid on steroids.

Dr. Carson wants you to shop around for health bargains.

I proposed health savings accounts for everybody starting at birth, is because you very quickly accumulate an amount of money that you can use for your interactions with those health care providers. Also, you develop a very good doctor-patient relationship and also because you now have some responsibility for that account, you’re going to be looking for good bargains

You know like finding who has a bargain on x-rays. Maybe someone puts tonsillectomies on special in December and you can give someone a gift card for one or maybe by-pass surgery. That health savings account that Dr. Carson is proposing is supposed to make you a conscientious consumer of health care and you won’t spend so much on health care because you only have so much to spend. You’re spending too much. That’s the problem with healthcare in this country, people without savings accounts are costing too much money, right? If we could just put purchasing power in the hands of some of the most marketing-vulnerable in this country, we could solve our healthcare cost problem. All this in an age when “more sophisticated scientific understanding and inexpensive new technologies have raised the odds on marketers’ being successful.” You have companies, indeed an industry, which specializes in “applying psychology and new brain science” to marketing and now you have a noted, respected neurosurgeon advocating a scenario in which more people can be victimized under the guise of saving money and developing “good doctor-patient” relationships. Dr. Carson would have made a good addition to the RepubliCon clown car that was the Republican Party primary. Wait! Wait! I get it. Dr. Carson isn’t stupid on steroids. He is actually trying out his post-retirement plan as a stand-up comic.

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