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The Tea-baggers want to “deny money for implementing Obama’s health care law even if that means not financing core government functions at all after Sept. 30Now, it’s easy to cut power to the ventilator when someone else is on it and not you. These supposed liberty lovers don’t mind destroying a law liberates consumers by compelling insurance companies to refund some of the premiums to customers and the freedom the customers would have in using those refunds. These supposed pro-lifers don’t have a problem with repealing a law that prohibits insurance companies from denying life-saving and life-enhancing coverage to people with pre-existing conditions or channels more Americans into affordable medical check-ups and treatments. No, at the risk of endangering things like military operations and social security they are willing to force their representatives to cast meaningless votes to de-fund a law which sets up healthcare-accessibility-enabling insurance exchanges. What would be interesting is how the Tea-baggers who receive Social Security and Medicare

Americans love good socialism.

and other essential government services, which were created because capitalism has limits in meeting the needs of people even in America, what would be interesting would be to see how these suddenly awakened Tea-baggers, awakened from a slumber which caused them to miss the part of their American government class in which they would have learned that it takes a two-third vote of congress to override a Presidential veto even if Tea-baggers held a majority in the Senate and that funding bills only begin in the House, what would be interesting would be to see how those Tea-baggers would respond if they realized that they had pulled the plug on their own ventilator and their government pensions, like those of maybe retired FBI agents, were a couple of months late. (“And a crowd at Lincolnton City Hall erupted in applause when a retired FBI agent from McHenry’s [Rep. Patrick McHenry, R, N.C.] hometown declared that “money is oxygen in Washington” and told McHenry that Republicans should “use the power of the purse” to extract what they want from the executive branch.” Unlike those districts which voted for Tea Party candidates most of American voted for the head of that “executive branch,” a fact that Tea-baggers seem to want to ignore as they rush to suffocate America.) It would be such a wonderful thing to dispel the Tea-bagger illusion of detachment. That would cause people like Mitt Romney, who are truly detached, with their Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts, to fight their own battles and not have so many working-class people who are really shouldering the government and would be much more likely to be called upon to defend the country from aggressors with their lives, or sent on miss-adventures like Iraq, running interference for them, the one-per-centers. You have to give Romney and his ilk credit for exploiting the self-devaluing mentality of the masses of people in America. For we have internalized a degraded self-value (receiving compensation many times less than the job-creators who are really exporting jobs) while accepting notions about the advantages of “free-trade” which have given us less freedom even as productivity has increased with corporate profits soaring while wages remain low, defined benefit plans disappear, and the destruction of Mexican farmers by massive American corporate farm interest fueling immigration, placing further downward pressure on American wages.

No, dear Tea-bagger, ObamaCare is not your problem. The decline in your living standards has come at the hands of the corporatists which you defend by attacking ObamaCare. ObamaCare goes against the interests of giant insurers. What you should be attacking, Mrs. Tea-bagger is the attempts at evergreening by pharmaceutical companies and the high costs of prescription medications and the anti-trust exemptions of insurance companies.

GOP constituents demand hard line | The Clarion-Ledger |

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