GOP lawmakers threaten subpoena over ObamaCare rollout information | Fox News

If you think this fake outrage is really about how these people, who voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act 46 times, wanted the health care web site to work properly, then you may be interested, in the words of a George Strait song, in some ocean front property in Arizona.

Their goal is to not see any progress in America under a Democratic administration, and that means health care or anything else. Notice how they didn’t bring you any health care bill when they controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency (2003-2005), but they have all these Dr.-Ben-Carson types selling snake oil as the cure now.

Who are these investigate-the-website people, who are now, supposedly, so intent on exploring problems related to a health care plan that they have been trying so furiously to destroy; are they not the same gang which when it controlled the Presidency tried to privatize Social Security (just imagine what would have happened to senior private investment under that scenario in the 2008 financial debacle) and voucherize Medicare under the Ryan Plan? Yeah, that’s the ticket, requiring 65 year olds to buy health insurance the way they could in the good ole days before Medicare.

Trying to repeal Obamacare 46 times! Who are these people who want to re-instate pre-existing conditions as barriers to acquiring health insurance, through this Obamacare defunding process? Who elected them? What benefit are these clowns to their constituents? How does it benefit the North County Regional Center in Darrell Issa’s district (the 49th Congressional District) to have insurance companies place lifetime caps on health insurance as they could before passage of the Affordable Care Act? The North County Regional Center in Vista Ca. is a facility shared by the Superior Court, Sheriff, Probation, District Attorney, Revenue and Recovery, and the Board of Supervisors. How is the North County Regional Center better served by having the doughnut hole for seniors go back to what it was before passage of the Affordable Care Act? Apparently Issa’s constituents aren’t against government; they don’t believe government is the problem. They don’t want to drown the government, Camp Pendleton, in a bathtub. How is Camp Pendleton, in Darrell Issa’s district, or the nation’s military as a whole, benefiting from having men and women in Mississippi not receive Medicaid or health insurance because they make $5,501 per year? Isn’t access to routine check-ups and preventative medicine in America part of military preparedness? Issa and the Tea Party crowd are telling the country, No! It isn’t. People can just go to the emergency room for all their medical needs.

You see the modern Republican Party identifies itself as a class. When they speak of class warfare they mean that people are attacking rich or in most of their cases the haves both of which, in the eyes of Republicans, are Republicans. That’s why you will hear Republican Party members say things like:

“My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals,” “You know why? Because they breed. You’re facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply.”

Or you hear them say things like this from Mississippi:

Now we are saying, you can have a job and still receive Medicaid [mind you the cutoff in Mississippi for Medicaid is $5,500]. So we have changed the whole dynamic. There is very little incentive for those 940,000 people on Medicaid to find a better job, or to go back to school, or to get [into] a workforce training program.”

This type of thinking, (we are superior and you are inferior, and the proof of your inferiority is exemplified by your need of the government), is what makes the trickle-down economic philosophy so appealing to them. It is the reason that the rich must be protected from those inferior people (takers) who depend upon the government even as they spare no expense in getting government jobs or programs. And for all their concern about the deficit and future generations being robbed by the poor they had no problem in costing the country $24 billion in GDP, because they feel superior, detached from it all. To them it was tough love for the inferior class, a class which could be made better, improved or transformed, by suffering.

For the naïve, this concern from Issa (net worth $450 million) and fellow plutocrats and plutocrat wannabees about the computer problems of the Affordable Care Act is another attempt at thwarting something that would “hurt” inferior people, like, you know, the stray animals or benefit the bugs in the woodwork. But if you really think that Issa, who is executing the plan made in 2009 to “put the brakes on Obama’s legislative platform” with all the Benghazi-IRS-Scandal-Fast-and-Furious monkey wrenches that he can through in the machinery really cares about the health care of the average American, we can talk about that ocean front property in Arizona, and as the song says we’ll through the Golden Gate Bridge in free.


GOP lawmakers threaten subpoena over ObamaCare rollout information | Fox News

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