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Yippee!!! Comedy by Coulter, again!

Did you catch Ann Coulter’s latest routine where she feigns concern for the American worker in an attack on Sheldon Adelson’s immigration stance (amnesty). What’s hilarious is how see thinks we haven’t noticed the things about which she’s silent.

While she attacks Mexican immigration and the businessmen who hire Mexicans, she’s conveniently silent about the real attack by business on American labor via job and profit off-shoring which weakens the tax base thereby giving rise to Teabaggers.

Ann, you’re so funny. I just love how you quote Friedman about the businessman’s love of free enterprise except “when it comes to themselves,” as if with lobbyists writing the laws, America actually has had anything approximating free enterprise.

Ann, this routine is almost as funny as the time, a few months ago, when you did your best Angela Davis impression by attacking white southerners (Democrats) for opposing black gun ownership after the Civil War. Ha, ha, ha! You have got to love it when conservatives like Coulter criticize conservatives of the past like Klansmen and by association their descendants the Neo-Confederates.

But back to the immigration discussion, a reference to white people (Israelis) giving black people one-way tickets to Uganda, priceless. Haven’t had this much fun, since Gingrich proposed firing janitors and giving their jobs to the children. Republicans favoring American labor. Guffaw, guffaw, heehaw!

Coulter not concerned about workers

Super-media! With the power to detect non-existent racism | The Daily Caller

The reason conveniently, consistently, context, challenged Ann Coulter says that the media lavished inordinate attention on the Trayvon Martin case is because it plays well before a Republican Party which is the refuge of people who believe that Strom Thurmond should have been elected President in 1948. People with this belief and their philosophical heirs are more likely to be comforted by the notion the Trayvon Martin case was a media exaggeration designed to, in Coulterese, “immunize Barack Obama.” The people who consume Coulter’s corrosive, crap consommé are convinced that America need only return to the fifties to return to greatness and dismiss any talk of racism or racial profiling as just an attempt to defend President Obama. (Coulter pukes, “They have to protect Obama, so the rest of us have to get ‘mugged.’”) And when she barks, that Barack Obama is the “most left-wing presidential candidate the nation has ever seen,” you’d think that he was the president that the EPA(massive government inspections of water and Three-Mile Island inspections and intrusive river clean-up) was started under(Nixon) or Homeland Security (Bush) or that he advocated using government resources to build the interstate highway system with all that government-property-taking imminent domain activity (Eisenhower).

Coulter upchucks white-on-black, black-on-black, and black-on-white homicide figures from 1986, six years into the Reagan Administration (not 1966, 1956, 1946, or 1936), because she must focus on an individual year and not the span of history and the racial structural formation of the nation which contributes to the figures. And you’ll never see her provide her audience with any reference to things that affected the psyche of generations of blacks and continued in spirit down thru Emmitt Till to Trayvon Martin, like the unique black experience in America which was described as “strange fruit” hanging from the poplar trees. No, she is much more inclined to regurgitate the O.J. Simpson case (which had much more to do with the relationship of wealth to justice than race to justice) in her laughable attempt to make the Trayvon Martin media coverage about Obama (however, this does play well among the Crypto-Dixiecrats).

Giving the Trayvon Martin case and the media attention it got fair and balanced treatment means that you would have to make part of your presentation how much outside pressure was brought to bear just to get Zimmerman placed on trial. I am still waiting to hear the results of the toxicology report from the shooter. I understand that they drug-tested the corpse. Ann, that is just one of the ways in which the Martin case was unlike the cases you claimed the media was “ignoring.” Presentation of this face along with the similarity of the law enforcement response to Emmitt Till’s murder would not serve your financial interests. I have to hand it to you, Ann; your readership’s ignorance will continue to make you small fortunes. But that disgusting, debilitating, diet you’re serving them means it’s going to take this country a long time to get well.

Super-media! With the power to detect non-existent racism | The Daily Caller

New GOP Strategy: Give Democrats a Big Head Start! – Ann Coulter – Page full

When people go to see a magic show they know that they are being entertained by tricks. The people viewing the magic show pay good money to see things that they know are illusions. The problem with Ann Coulter and the poor conservatives who listen to her is that she knows that what she is doing is misleading but most of her audience (she must have one otherwise why would any one run her columns or buy her books?) probably doesn’t. Ann will say things like “Demographics are on our side!” Only she isn’t in the “our” in her statement or rather, misstatement. The money she gets paid to write her books and columns separates her from the people she is inflating with the fiction that conservatives are growing in numbers because conservatives, as she defines them (“Believers in religious doctrine, the traditional family and pro-life attitudes on abortion”) are “having appreciably more children per couple” than liberals. What this assessment fails to account for is the change in doctrine over time (Mormon beliefs about Blacks and for that matter Christian teaching about blacks, i.e. the churches position on slavery, or the role of women for centuries). It also doesn’t account for those who were taught certain things (i.e. separation is the best practice in neighborhoods and schools and churches) that their life experiences dissolve, as they experience how diversity is really a very good thing as it increases understanding and facilitates incorporation of valuable alternate approaches. Like the sawing noise and the hand movements which are part of the standard saw-the-women-in-half routine, the “birth-rate” argument includes the nebulous notion of “pro-life” attitudes of the non-existent growing Republican majority. Does she count people who believe that there should be rape and incest exceptions for abortions and those who use contraception in her “pro-life-attitudes” crowd? Or would this crowd be limited to Aiken-Apostles (Todd Aiken)

and Freiss-Freaks (Foster Freiss)


In a grand display using smoke and mirrors, Coulter-the-clown crows about population gains in Utah and Kentucky to the rapturous applause from the base which perhaps sees some contribution to a coming, gasp!, conservative electoral domination by conservative-baby-making machines in Utah and Kentucky. Wonder what percentage of the population increase in those states are blue state transplants bringing with them something other than “traditional” family attitudes or what percentage of those growing up , in, oh, say Utah, will be minorities. Stop reading here if you don’t want your illusion spoiled (“Minorities accounted for a third of the 40,940 total new residents added to Utah in 2012.”) Want more funny? The whole point of Coulter-Clown’s assertion about the supposed birth-rate gap was that Republicans shouldn’t waste their time trying to woe non-whites when unbeknownst to her feeble, fleeced, fans, “Minority children make up the majority of students in 15 of Salt Lake City’s 27 elementary schools. And nine of those schools have minority populations of 80 percent or higher, pointing to a diverse future.” And what really has me in stitches is how she is making so much money assuring conservatives who love her illusions because they think they’re real, like I did about wrestl’n as a kid, is that “in 2012, the white population in Utah grew by 1.2 percent. At the same time, the black population grew by 5.2 percent; the Asian community by 4.8 percent; Pacific Islander, 3.5 percent; Latino, 2.5 percent; and American Indian, 1.9 percent.” Oh, Anne, sto, sto, stop, you’re killing me. Ha, ha, ha!!! Worst magic I’ve ever seen. It so bad, it’s funny. By the way, did you read the one where she tried impersonating Angela Davis( Coulter s claims are erroneous(CL)5-17-2012) in her effort to show how white southern Democrats didn’t want backs to have guns while conveniently ignoring the fact(those pesky historical connections that provide context) that they are the ancestors of the present-day white southern Republicans? Ann you’ve got to do a better job of hiding the strings when you do the broom riding trick over facts.

New GOP Strategy: Give Democrats a Big Head Start! – Ann Coulter – Page full