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Inaugural Dress Down?

It’s not surprising that the Obama’s don’t fit in Bridet Foley’s idea of what’s fair . With FLOTUS Michelle Obama selecting inaugural clothing you can’t “rule out a hundred-to-one-shot dark horse. Wu seized the honor in 2009 and soon after cannonballed into fame” ~ The Inauguration: What Should Michelle Obama Wear?
By Rosemary Feitelberg and Bobbi Queen
). If Mrs. Obama wanted Bridget Foley’s opinion, I am quite certain she would have asked for it.  But as things stand, the first lady probably cares about as much about what Bridget Foley thinks as I do about cowpaddies on any given range in Montana.  Thanks Bridget for caring enough to slam someone who has stressed the kind fashion accessibility and commercial boost that J Crew appreciates even if you don’t.

Inviting Fiasco

Foreign affairs can sap a nation of it’s energies and divert resources away from unfinished domestic affairs.

A white person with a criminal record is more employable than a black person with a college degree.
I am an Obama supporter but even I know that Lupe’s chance of being invited to an Obama inauguration should have been as likely as the Martin Luther King of 1967 being invited to an LBJ inauguration. My wish is that Black people were more knowledgeable about world affairs but if you look at our incarceration and homicide rates it’s apparent that our understanding is still too primitive to influence foreign policy. Enough of us have gotten through the hole in the fence that we haven’t even challenged the domestic agenda enough to counteract circumstances in which a white person with a criminal record is more employable than a black person with a college degree and no criminal record

Inauguration 2013: Lupe Fiasco leaves concert after antiwar rant