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The Two Sides of One Coin

How dare LeBron James demand ownership change in the NBA (Donald Sterling, LA Clippers)?1 Doesn’t he appreciate how the owners, in the language of conservatives “the job creators,” have given him and his fellow playmates, food and cars and houses?2 He’s made so much money, he has forgotten that, Charles Barkley’s comments about a “black league”3 aside, he and the rest of the youngsters don’t own the league. He should be glad he lives in a country so generous, so free, and so honest that everyone was perfectly happy with photo-less voting until America started to brown, (a browning) which is now grounds to challenge everyone’s legitimacy. Funny how one guy’s racist comments stirs more collective activity among unionized black millionaires than recently enacted electoral voice-constricting (tying voting to current driver’s licenses), birth-certificate photo ID laws in places like Mississippi. Let the peons fend for themselves as long as they buy our shoes, (and our endorsed products, Lebron and his millionaire comrades are telling us through their largely self-interested activism). Here’s an example of America’s elitist, fragmented, self-absorbed, unionism: You’ll see LeBron in McDonald’s commercials

which necessarily precludes his appearance at McDonald workers’ labor-organizing rallies. No, the more profits McDonalds makes the more mansions Lebron and McDonald’s big shareholders can afford. Despite their abilities to reach high objectives, LeBron and the other players seem restricted (by the base materialism and inexorable greed which is channeling the country into a neo-feudal state) to the low-lying fruit, ousting Sterling. Oh, that they would welcome McDonalds workers into a group that really matters, union membership.

The italicized portions were not part of the original “Letter-to-the-Editor” but have been added since publication. However the letter in (the submitted 195 word version) would have sufficiently conveyed the critique of modern American millionaires, specifically the unionized ones and their tacit support of neo-feudalism.

1 LeBron urges vote against Sterling
Updated: April 30, 2014, 6:50 PM ET
By Michael Wallace | ESPN.com
2 NBA players protest racist talk attributed to L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling
By Ralph Ellis and Steve Almasy, CNN
updated 8:27 AM EDT, Mon April 28, 2014
3 Charles Barkley: Suspend Donald Sterling if he made racist comments
Austin Knoblauch

Bryant blasts nuclear waste disposal critics | The Clarion-Ledger | clarionledger.com

“It’s amazing to me that any discussion about nuclear power causes such a reaction. … What other topics are we not allowed to discuss? Alternative energy? Wind power or solar?” comes the consternation from officials in Mississippi in response to objections to the possibility of storage of nuclear material in Mississippi.

Wonder why anyone in Mississippi, such a dirt poor state, would think of nuclear waste as any more dangerous than wind or solar power? After all a wind turbine was damaged by a tornado last year and now someone has admitted that radioactive leaks from it “are far worse than previously acknowledged.” No, I am sorry that is the assessment from Japan about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe. Did I mention that solar panels melted in Pennsylvania and everyone in a twenty mile radius was asked to evacuate and that when the solar panels melted radioactive gases and radioactive iodine were released into the environment? No, I apologize. Those events were related to “nuclear reactors in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, United States, on March 28, 1979 (Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania.)

Only in Mississippi could alluding to solar and wind power as meriting no more concern than nuclear waste storage be forwarded as a rational comparison. If you throw around revenue figures to desperate people, just look at Mississippi’s per capita income, and education level it you might get a picture of why such an argument would be placed in the arena. This is Mississippi and once in office, you are royalty.

Mississippi is pretty much the exemplar of the neo-feudal terrain in America. If you can convince the people that you are one of the good-ole boys, in Mississippi that would be favoring the confederate flag, viewing MLK day as really Confederate Memorial Day and of course being Republican, you can be elected royalty. After defeat of a personhood amendment, the rulers in this neo-feudal state enacted legislation designed to achieve the very thing the voters rejected, making abortion unavailable to poor women.

And if you want to put nuclear storage on the agenda in Mississippi, be a Republican. The energy industry group pushing for nuclear waste storage and reprocessing in Mississippi is the Mississippi Energy Institute, and one of its board members is the governor’s top economic development officer. You see, in right-to-work-for-less-anti-union Mississippi, labor compensation is so suppressed that corporate interest can float virtually anything because a man dying of thirst will drink dirty, contaminated water. Having kept labor week, people of substance, the lords of the feudal state, flashing religious and confederate symbols, contribute to candidates who champion anti-labor units and deregulation which enlarge and enhance and stabilize their wealth supremacy. You even see this economic strategy reflected in the newly passed Charter School law in Mississippi.

Bryant blasts nuclear waste disposal critics | The Clarion-Ledger | clarionledger.com

Bricks without straw!

Mississippi Republicans in a veiled effort to give their charter (cherry-picking) school plans more momentum came up with another oppressive scheme convinced that if they kill it, they will come. In a bricks-without-straw tale, conservatives suggest: deduct the funds for remediation of college students from their high school district. Starting with Brown vs. Topeka advancing through the massive flight from public schools with 1969’s Alexander v. Holmes County Board of Education, conservative Mississippians have maintained a long assault on quality public education of minorities. Segregation academies exist to this day in Mississippi with very little minority enrollment. Not properly funding the public schools has been one way of lessening the expense of maintaing two education systems with many of the affluent and middle-class diverting their attention and resources to the private (Seg) academies. We won’t get into what this has meant in terms of networking and wealth and societal development. In a manner befitting a neo-feudal state maintaining a rear position, “the mid-20th century per pupil spending in Mississippi was a mere 37 percent of the national average and only 57 percent of the southern states’ average.” And now this conservative legislative majority in Mississippi knows that “[m]ississippi has never adequately funded its public schools on a sustained basis – even after it passed the Mississippi Adequate Education Program 15 years ago.” And now the response to the cry for equity is to give the district from which students needing remedial education come less funding. That thing about the arch of the moral universe bending looks a little dim at times and makes you wonder like Fannie Lou Hamer, “is this America?” But I am still keeping the faith because the Lord has promised good and a King went to the mountain top and told us we will get to the Promised Land.

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