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My problems with the “10 Reasons Mississippi needs Charter Schools”

Huffington Post writer Matthew Lynch recently provided cover for a privatization Trojan horse in the form of praise for the Charter school bill passed by Mississippi Senate Republicans. In typical Teabagger fashion he supports a solution that ignores context (“Even in predominantly black school districts, whites controlled many of the administrative positions and held a majority on the school board. In many cases this led to a gradual decline in the financial health of the district as white administrators reduced the tax base necessary to support the district. At the same time many white public school administrators, school board members and teachers were removing their children from primarily black schools and placing them in private schools for white children. Not only were they placing their children in private schools, many public administrators and board members were actually serving in some capacity of leadership in the formation and oversight of the new private school system.”) and a neo-interposition strategy (Mississippi House Bill Would Create Modern-day Sovereignty Commission), a continuing effort to restore a natural southern order (approximating as closely as possible a pre-Alexander v. Holmes-County-Board-of-Education South.)