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Government Shutdown Cost $24 Billion, According to Standard & Poor’s | TIME.com

Way to burn $24 billion!!!  This cremation was brought to you, recently furloughed, anxiety-filled workers, by people who complained of the uncertainty of the Affordable Care Act.  This destruction was brought to you by the gang that is willing to economically destroy their own voters.  This gang is willing to inflict pain on their constituents, people who in 2014 will probably vote for them again, because their constituents are people who are willing to believe that Obama is a secret Moslem who was born in Kenya, easily abused people who equate belief with fact.  The exploitative, Tea Party-driven Representatives and Senators who were willing to sacrifice $24 billion in GDP in a gamble to get the President and the the Democrat-controlled Senate to kill a law that Teabaggers say is killing the economy are not hurt by what Republican Senator Richard Burr called “[t]he dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.”  They will continue to receive access to excellent health care and $174,000 per year.  You have to wonder where will the Teabagger Representatives and Senators get their donations as they support policies which will deplete the resources of their voters whether furloughed workers or people who were hindered by the $24 billion GDP hit and the victims of off-shoring and outsourcing?  The answer is the same people who fund Heritage and Cato, the people who stand to gain the most from cheap labor and an eviscerated middle class, the people who stir antagonism for immigrants as a means of diverting attention from the off-shoring of profits and outsourcing of jobs.  You guessed it the RepubliCons who are longing for an opportunity to elect a President who can put another corporations-Scalia clone on the Supreme Court.  When you look at places like Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky and other Red States where voters vote for people like Paul Ryan who propose to “slash spending for the poor”and “privatize Social Security and voucherize Medicare”  you have to know that you are dealing with people who Noam Scheiber might refer to as “aspirationally rational people too dense to grasp the big picture,” a big picture which clearly shows that they are the tools of their own destruction. 

Government Shutdown Cost $24 Billion, According to Standard & Poor’s | TIME.com

Loose-Screws Cruz

Loose-Screws Cruz and the Republican conservatives continue to run interference for the health insurance industry

Wonder how much the insurance companies are funneling to this guy’s campaign through the Club for Growth’s PACs, their individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families who contributed $705,657 to his campaign? It’s easy for this clown who can purchase private health insurance offered through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program to ban with the one (Bozell-the-Clown) who recently came to Jackson Ms to tell the unwashed masses to tell their congresspersons to repeal a plan that allows other Americans to buy insurance on exchanges. Loose-Screws Cruz can choose from among Consumer-Driven and High Deductible plans that offer catastrophic risk protection with higher deductibles, health savings/reimbursable accounts and lower premiums, or Fee-for-Service (FFS) plans, and their Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), or Health Maintenance Organizations. Loose-Screws Cruz and other “conservatives” seem determined to conserve and preserve the gap in health and wealth they have by opposing a plan that closes the donut hole for seniors. At $165,200 per year, Loose-Screws and the rest of the court jesters can better afford to assist in meeting the needs of the seniors in their families who themselves probably take advantage of the socialism bequeath to them by a previous Democratic administration, that socialism known as Medicare. Yes, the jokers can probably assist those family members without assistance from the Affordable Care Act. Repeal probably seems reasonable to them. But to the unwashed masses, pulling-up affordable health care, including premium rebates(last year’s rebates totaled $1.1 billion), premium containment(Many Americans will pay even less than the top-line rates after factoring in government subsidies for their health coverage, with some paying nothing at all for crucial medical coverage), life-time caps removal, and funds for more primary care doctors, by the roots is no laughing matter. However, placing themselves in the service of this cause becomes a game of Russian Roulette with the gun pointed at vulnerable Americans. The jokers and clowns have wealth and their donors to keep them safe if and when the trigger is pulled. This leaves the puppet masters and their jokers and clowns laughing all the way to the bank.