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Charles Barkley speaks from the Big House

Did you see Charles Barkley’s Ferguson comments?* At some point people are gonna notice how much Charles Barkley resembles Stephen of Mississippi’s Candyland from Django Unchained. His defense of a broken, biased policing system is relentless, predictable and understandable. He is high in massa’s house and of course he should be the staunchest defender of the status quo. He of course should be expected to defend Zimmerman when he kills Trayvon and Darren Wilson when he kills Mike Brown. Stephen, I mean Charles, being well situated (wealthy and isolated), couldn’t possibly understand how someone not so well situated could be experiencing a sense of hopeless and disconnection from those more well off , how people could lash out at things that seem permanent and stationary, things that give the impression that all is well, normal. Stephen, I mean Charles, doesn’t have to worry about where he will get the money to pay a traffic ticket in a place, Ferguson, which relies heavily upon traffic citations to meet its budget (“It was the city’s second-biggest source of income of the $20 million it collected in revenues.”),** a place which disproportionately fishes for and nets blacks to pay these fines (“67 percent of the city’s population, but are 86 percent of motorists stopped by police.”) He doesn’t have to worry about a son being stalked and gunned down and having some basketball-star-turned-clown who the media seeks for comments on social issues talk about his son being an aggressor when he’s murdered. So when someone sets something in Candyland on fire you can expect Stephen, I mean Charles, to call them scumbags. Perhaps the real scumbag is someone who defends vigilantism and cops who behave like skinheads (Officer Wilson even came from a police department (Jennings, Mo.) in which a white police officer actually beat a black woman for laughing at him)***
without asking:
1. When does an officer draw his weapon while sitting in his patrol car?
2. When does an officer not write a report about his shooting of an unarmed citizen until after he has a chance to hear what the witnesses have said?
3. When does an officer bag his own weapon after he has shot a citizen?
4. When does a police department leave a gunned-down citizen in the street for 4 hours?
5. What message does leaving a gunned-down citizen in the street for 4 hours send to the community and how closely does that action resemble leaving a lynched man hanging in a tree like some strange fruit?
Abusive police and the people who defend may be the real scumbags. Apologists like Stephen, I mean Charles, curse the fruit and ignore the seeding and cultivation. The fact that he has a microphone with which to announce his pithy conclusions is attributable to his priesthood in America’s true religion, entertainment. Remove the athletic success and it is possible that Barkley would not be prince or priest but pauper and some other priest might be calling him “scumbag.” Something some of those in the big house could never imagine.
* Charles Barkley backs police, calls violent Ferguson protestors ‘scumbags’ by RYAN GORMAN Dec. 2, 2014 AOL.com
** “In Ferguson, Court Fines And Fees Fuel Anger” by Joseph Shapiro NPR August 25, 2014
*** “Darren Wilson’s first job was on a troubled police force disbanded by authorities” By Carol D. Leonnig, Kimberly Kindy and Joel Achenbach Washington Post Aug. 23, 2014

Super-media! With the power to detect non-existent racism | The Daily Caller

The reason conveniently, consistently, context, challenged Ann Coulter says that the media lavished inordinate attention on the Trayvon Martin case is because it plays well before a Republican Party which is the refuge of people who believe that Strom Thurmond should have been elected President in 1948. People with this belief and their philosophical heirs are more likely to be comforted by the notion the Trayvon Martin case was a media exaggeration designed to, in Coulterese, “immunize Barack Obama.” The people who consume Coulter’s corrosive, crap consommé are convinced that America need only return to the fifties to return to greatness and dismiss any talk of racism or racial profiling as just an attempt to defend President Obama. (Coulter pukes, “They have to protect Obama, so the rest of us have to get ‘mugged.’”) And when she barks, that Barack Obama is the “most left-wing presidential candidate the nation has ever seen,” you’d think that he was the president that the EPA(massive government inspections of water and Three-Mile Island inspections and intrusive river clean-up) was started under(Nixon) or Homeland Security (Bush) or that he advocated using government resources to build the interstate highway system with all that government-property-taking imminent domain activity (Eisenhower).

Coulter upchucks white-on-black, black-on-black, and black-on-white homicide figures from 1986, six years into the Reagan Administration (not 1966, 1956, 1946, or 1936), because she must focus on an individual year and not the span of history and the racial structural formation of the nation which contributes to the figures. And you’ll never see her provide her audience with any reference to things that affected the psyche of generations of blacks and continued in spirit down thru Emmitt Till to Trayvon Martin, like the unique black experience in America which was described as “strange fruit” hanging from the poplar trees. No, she is much more inclined to regurgitate the O.J. Simpson case (which had much more to do with the relationship of wealth to justice than race to justice) in her laughable attempt to make the Trayvon Martin media coverage about Obama (however, this does play well among the Crypto-Dixiecrats).

Giving the Trayvon Martin case and the media attention it got fair and balanced treatment means that you would have to make part of your presentation how much outside pressure was brought to bear just to get Zimmerman placed on trial. I am still waiting to hear the results of the toxicology report from the shooter. I understand that they drug-tested the corpse. Ann, that is just one of the ways in which the Martin case was unlike the cases you claimed the media was “ignoring.” Presentation of this face along with the similarity of the law enforcement response to Emmitt Till’s murder would not serve your financial interests. I have to hand it to you, Ann; your readership’s ignorance will continue to make you small fortunes. But that disgusting, debilitating, diet you’re serving them means it’s going to take this country a long time to get well.

Super-media! With the power to detect non-existent racism | The Daily Caller