If you felt it was in your best interest to have those around you trail the nation in education wouldn’t you see to it that your public education system is underfunded because “There’s gold in them thar hills”?  Like unto that notion in terms of its opportunity constricting implications for the masses, if you believe that certain people in your environment were innately inferior wouldn’t you work subconsciously if not consciously to use your resources in ways that are not designed to uplift these lost souls, these people predestined for subordinate positions?  That, dear readers, is a description of conservatives, Democratic and Republican, in the state of Mississippi.  Then you have those, the aforementioned rope-supplying capitalists, who see the potential in all humans but see a profit in selective education and for whom the predestination thinking is just a cover for privatization and the myriad of ways to cash in on selective education despite its threat to a democratic republic such as ours.  So it should come as no surprise when you here a Mississippi conservative say, “Don’t you dare force us to adequately fund education.”

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