Wrestl’n Levin or what the heck is a Constitutional Conservative

I saw this interview and wondered what the heck is he talking about.

This sent me into a tussle with Mark Levin’s explanation of constitutional conservatism. Those who attack progress and celebrate and long for a return to primitive America, the America of the “Founding Fathers” where Social Security and Medicare didn’t exist and there was no EPA seem to be in love with the America that existed before there was this, in their terms, great “Leviathan” know as today’s American government with an FLSA and government mandates for clean water and meat inspections. “Constitutional Conservatives” feel that America and the states individually for that matter have too much regulation even when it comes to fair and transparent employment practices in government in places like Mississippi where you have to run to the local paper and yell Don’t Privatize State Government.

But to get into the belly of the beast maybe we should have
A critique of one of Mark Levin’s (who is a Constitutional Conservative) Monologues

Odd how this appears to be just another way of running interference for the oligarchs under the guise of being for the common man.

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