You can’t have that because it’s good for you.

“Since when did the federal government ever give free money without asking for something in return,” comes the heckling from the Mississippi RepubliCons, in rejecting Medicaid expansion, in a state which receives $2.47(typical of Red states) for every dollar it sends to Washington. All of a sudden when a Democratic Administration passes the ACA, RepubliCons have a problem with receiving federal aid. And Mississippi which hasn’t had a problem with receiving special federal help joins the revolt against helping people in need. This has got to be the Twilight Zone considering Mississippi’s per capita income and poverty level. Even with earmarks, Mississippi (at $147) was one of only seven states which “received more than $100 per person in 2010

Laughably, RepubliCons complain that Mississippi can’t afford the corresponding share of state money it will have to put up to add hundreds of thousands of people to the government health insurance program for the poor.

But Mississippi can afford to have people show up at the emergency room to receive the most expensive care. And there is a strong probability that the reason they waited so long to get medical attention, affordability, inability to pay, will result in the cost being shifted to and shared by premium payers in higher premiums and co-pays. In the Twilight Zone which is Mississippi you began to get the picture why Mississippi ranks near the bottom in so many categories. When your representative government rejects a deal that would see your state get “$9.9 billion in federal money for Medicaid expansion, while the state would pay $429 million, (that’s $1 from the state for every $23 from Uncle Sam)” you may be looking at a situation that can only be described as sadistically neo-feudal. Picture if you will a place where Medicaid expansion increases the number of Americans who are healthy and more productive because they have access to affordable health care. But if you can picture it, you won’t be picturing Mississippi; our representatives have told us that no matter how good for us Medicaid expansion is, we can’t have it.

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